Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

The CPA Marketing Series Primer

I would like to kick this whole CPA Marketing Series off by clearing up a few things. I touched a bit earlier on my stance with CPA Marketing. No I am not stopping with my personal campaigns. As a matter of fact Jeff and I will be incorporating as an LLC later this month because of our combined CPA Marketing efforts. However since the cat is out of the bag and yes I will be partnered with some other friends and co-marketing colleagues on our own CPA Network, I find that I will be moving towards working on a more massive scale. Sure my personal Affiliate Marketing is going to slow down with the extra legwork of running a network but that’s why I got a partner. :)

With that being said your going to read things in the following days from a personal affiliate but also a network owner’s perspective. On top of that, let’s get it right out in the clear. The CPA Industry is sometimes or (alot) of times frowned upon. While I will remain neutral with my personal thoughts I will tell you that I have seen some of the shadiest shit ever being in the CPA Industry. The funny part is that two networks who have owed me money have made good in February. Imagine my surprise after being owed over $4200 from two networks that never paid over a year ago. Seems like this blog may be getting read by more than I thought.

With that being said as well, you can bet a dollar to a freaking doughnut that networks are going to eat the following posts up. Well, I’m not going to go thru all this to help you out even though that is exactly what I will be doing. I am going to write this out for all of you that have come to the realization that making money online is not as easy as it seems. I’m not going to lure you with huge promises other than the fact that after this month if you cannot make money, your going to seriously need to reevaluate the nature of your association online. I dont know where I am going because my business plans have completely gone to shit. I have met a lot of people and set a lot of things up over the last few months so let’s just say that if you have read everything on this blog already and still have not made a dollar your going to be in some serious trouble if you dont make money with what is to come.

Throughout the series of posts to come there will probably be affiliate links. There wont be many. You can rest assured that I use everything that I am affiliated with and put into the series. This also means whether you buy it from me or not, you still have this blog and the forum to ask your questions in. I’m not a hypocrite and I really dont care if you buy from me or not. I wont hold it against you. As long as you got the tool and learn how to use it in the way I show you, that’s more than enough for me to spend time helping with any questions.

Rule #1

Dont you ever for any reason (even if it means your going to get banned) reveal your landing pages. Sure it might be fine to do with banners or something on your site but I am telling you right now, if your paying for traffic and doing any significant amount lead generation, it’s in your best interest to hide your traffic source. If your doing some bad shit then yes, you deserve to be banned. However if your pushing traffic from Search Engines, your giving good leads, then there is absolutely ZERO reason to reveal your traffic sources to networks. Yes, they may call you, they may harass you, they may even tell you that your getting your leads reversed. That’s ok, because Ruckles has a great way to counter that.  I am speaking in completely legit terms here when I say that if a network wants to know what your landing page looks like, then you simply tell them that your not going to reveal that information. Everyone that works at a CPA Network is well aware of this. In the instance you get someone new, ask for someone else, it’s that simple. If they dont like it then you need to find out from them and the advertiser what the lead quality is like. Here again is why you need to be completely legit. If the quality is good why the F#ck do they want to see the page? Tell them to piss off, or simply leave their network. It’s a brutal truth but you have to be completely honest.

Rule #2

Get a telephone and stopping being so private. You want to know why I have such good experiences with CPA Networks? It’s because I run a personal blog here that let’s them into my life a little bit. Now I’ll admit that I dont get to talk as much as like to with everyone of my AM’s. Part of that is because I am busy and the other part is that a lot of them tell me the same thing. “I have the highest payouts”, “We’ll cut you this deal if you can do this”. Folks, I’m not going to sugarcoat it here. Some networks have some of the greatest Affiliate Managers in the world. There is no denying that. HOWEVER they get paid on margins and they always want more. Is it right for me to judge them and say piss off? No, I dont think so. They are just doing their job and most of the time they are trying to help you. I say most because sometimes they just want the damn leads for the offer. (Snicker). Dont be duped into this though. If you dont want to run it, say so. You want to foucs on building YOUR business at a pace YOUR comfortable with. If you waste their time, how would you be if the situations were reversed? Get your damn telephone out. Get an Instant Messenger. Get something so you can communicate with them whenever you need to. The more personable and upfront with them you are, the less likely your going to get harassed. 

Rule #3

I dont care how happy you are with your landing pages or sites. Dont ever show them off. Also, dont ever show off your earnings. This is one of the reasons why I stopped. Since posting the 159K+ earnings from one site last year I have had to deal with all sorts of ridicule. Even after I filmed it. Another little thing I did was reveal a little site I was experimenting with and it immediately was cloned about two dozen times. Then I had people asking me how to make money from it even though I had told them it was a test. Another thing is that revealing your income tends to bring the wrong crowd to you. You dont want people WONDERING how to make money like that. You want people talking about HOW to make money like that. It’s two completely different things. Dont reveal anything people.

Those are really the big 3 rules you need to know and take in account when your in the CPA Industry. Tomorrow we are going to start the series. In reference to finding offers and niche research I have covered a lot of that on this blog already. I will refresh everyone with the specific links to read as we move forward into offer promotion.

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March 4, 2008

Ruck this is going to be awesome.

Printer is loaded and ready to go.

I can’t Thank-You enough for everything that you are doing here for us.

P.S. Ruck I just want to wish you and L all the best with the delivery of your new Daughter, just in case I don’t get a chance before she comes.

March 4, 2008

Exciting stuff Ruck!

Just out of curiosity, are we going to learn how to create a proper landing page for CPA offers?

March 4, 2008

Awesome stuff Ruck…looking forward to this month’s posts…and congrats on the new addition, hope everything goes well…

March 4, 2008

another thing is that revealing your income tends to bring the wrong crowd to you. You don’t want people WONDERING how to make money like that. You want people talking about HOW to make money like that. Don’t reveal anything people.

Totally agree with you, Ruck…This situation have been occurring in Malaysia’s Internet Marketer situation…

Ps: sorry for grammar mistake

March 4, 2008

I can’t wait – really looking forward to this series Ruck.

I’m hoping you’ll elaborate more on Rule #1 in this post. I’ve been directing traffic from PPC Search to my landing pages/sites and then to the network offer.

Are you suggesting that I should add another layer by directing the traffic from PPC Search (or other places) to landing page/site to say a genericdomain/directory/Meta-Refresh.html and then to the network offer?

Now that I’m typing this, it sounds like a pretty good idea to implement anyway in order to have all your aff links in one place/domain. That way when an offer expires, you don’t have to run around changing links. Instead, change it once at the genericdomain/directory/meta-refresh page.

March 4, 2008

I have the same question deacon does. Wouldn’t the networks know your landing pages automatically through their referrering sites stats?

March 4, 2008

This sounds so exciting. I think I only talked to a couple AMs when I signed up. Ofcourse I never did much of anything with these companies after I signed so I guess there wasn’t anything to talk about.

I guess this is going to be the month that will bring this all together as whether I should quit trying to make money online or not. (just kidding) I am not a quitter.

A whole month on staying focused on one thing is the best part of this whole series. This is going to be great for me even though it may be rehashed information for many.

March 4, 2008

Very similar to Uber’s post but he stopped giving out tactics a while ago…. hopefully Ruckster comes through with the beef

March 4, 2008

You’re right Ruck, making money online is not easy, and earning a sustainable, recurring income is even harder for most. I’ve only recently began dabbling with the CPA companies marketing their offers, so I’m really looking forward to this.

March 4, 2008

@ D: you must be new here. Ruck always over delivers. When he says hes gonna throw it out there, you can bet the house hes gonna hit that shiet out of the park. From day 1 Ruck has been giving out “the beef” and he will continue to do so as long as time permits him to…

@Ruck: this is gonna be awesome man. this will really make my legit stuff pop off! Good stuff man. Keep bangin’em

March 4, 2008

Rule #3 You are so right. I personally hate the people who show off their cheques or screenshots and like you said landing pages are none of their business

you said “You dont want people WONDERING how to make money like that. You want people talking about HOW to make money like that” EXACTLY!! You could not have put it better..

You should have tshirts that say “Rock with Ruck” or in Canada “Get behind the puck with Ruck” or “Ruck on”

Congrats on this blog, feels better than the forum, different people and your shoot from the hip style is great.

March 4, 2008

Ive been following Ruck before this blog was created… I was on the social marketing blog which fell off the map

March 5, 2008

kool, then u know he will deliver.

March 5, 2008


March 6, 2008

Hey Ruck,

I’m wondering how do you hide the traffic source from affiliates when sending traffic from your landing pages?

March 6, 2008

I cloak my affiliate links

May 9, 2008

Interesting points made here. The moral of the story is be smart when dealing with networks…sometimes even smarter than them.