Friday, February 15th, 2008

Creating Affiliate Lists Within Kaboodle

Here’s where you have to decide if you want to be the lazy affiliate or actually use Kaboodle to your full advantage being an Affiliate Marketer. There is nothing wrong with being the lazy affiliate here, I actually encourage it. However if you have your own storefronts, mashups, and/or datafeed sites than you will appreciate the fact that after constructing your site, you know the biggest part is getting traffic, links and ultimately sales. By adding each product from your own webpages you really get the benefits of built in Kaboodle traffic seeing your products, clicking over to your webpages and maybe purchasing something. You also get the benefit of getting deep links to each of your product pages. It’s like Parasite SEO on steriods.

The fast way of adding products:

The Kaboodle toolbar makes it very fast. When I say fast, I nearly dropped a load when I realized how fast you can make lists. If I were to set at my computer all day just grabbing affiliate links and adding them thru the toolbar, I have no doubt in my mind I could list at least 500 products. I think my ass would be really sore and I know I would probably suffer a boredom seizure (Do these exist?). The only argument I have with the toolbar is the lack of editing you can do. Adding with the toolbar creates a thumbnail of the product you are promoting. Just download the toolbar and read the little documentation. It’s self-explanatory.

 So what do you need to do?

Someone asked a comment about Commission Junction. Since both of my datafeed sites are thru Shareasale I will tell you what I did and think. First off, I dont think you can link to individual product pages from CJ can you? If not then that is the exact reason for datafeeds. Datafeeds allow you to display a program’s products in product catalog format on/within your site. Then it is as easy as surfing to each product page on your site and clicking the Kaboodle Icon in the toolbar.

Click to a webpage, add to Kaboodle, edit your listing details. Rinse and Repeat. Easy as that.

Got a list of Clickbank products for Dog Training? Add a dog training list and grab 7-8 products from Clickbank. Load your affiliate links into your browser and add to kaboodle, new link, add to kaboodle, new link, add to kaboodle. Easy as that.

The key point here is SEO. Make damn sure you make your list names, your descriptions and any images you may add with the keywords you are shooting for. That’s why it’s a good idea to do some keyword research before ever creating a list.

If your wondering why when you add an affiliate link to Kaboodle and it goes to the homepage of the Affiliate Program, it’s because that is EXACTLY where that affiliate link was going in the first place. That’s why datafeeds are imperative for this type of affiliate marketing. Not just shitty datafeed sites, but real ones. The prettier and more professional you can make your site, the more likely someone will take you serious and actually make a purchase.

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February 15, 2008

Yes, you can get direct-to-product links on commission junction.

And I think I was approaching this the wrong way, making too much effort for myself.

I was making little minisites for niches ( making a dog leashes site, for instance, with aff links to the leashes ) and making separate product pages for each dog leash, and then kaboodling each individual page. What you’re suggesting is “cutting out the middle man” and just kaboodling the affiliate directly.

Thanks :)

February 15, 2008


As you get used to Kaboodle, the ideas will start flowing naturally. I’ll probably keep more up to date as I keep get more familiar with it, but just looking at this free resource and what it can do for an affiliate marketer starting out or lifting a site off the ground is pretty damn cool.

February 15, 2008

Inspiring, Ruck. Thanks. Now I know what to do with those assorted 20 minutes when I get tired of pushing php for the man :) Rather than checking for new and exciting news.

February 15, 2008

Would it be against the CJ/Ebay TOS to direct link to an eBay auction on Kaboodle? I would assume it falls under commercial activity?

February 15, 2008

Regarding the legitimacy of the boredom seizure…I can attest that they do, in fact, exist. I see it daily with my three boys…unfortunately it usually manifests itself in the form of them beating the snot out of each other…but I digress.

Ruck, are you gonna put one of your famous videos showing all these things you have been talking about with Kaboodle? We always like to see your smiling face…and more importantly, you do a great job teaching through them.

February 15, 2008

Man you move quick Ruck! Wish I had more time this weekend to put this info to good use, but I’m sure I’ll find the time next week!

February 15, 2008

I could probably make a vid :)

February 15, 2008

Thanks, Ruck–it seems to sink in better when I can see a visual.

February 16, 2008

No idea about the Ebay Auction but the site is not designed for that. What happens when the auction ends?

Better to find affiliate programs that have been around forever. Better yet, get in on independent affiliate programs that nobody has on Kaboodle:)

February 16, 2008

Yeah, thats a good point. I wasn’t sure exactly how Kaboodle worked. I figured you would put some kind of product in your list, it would get added to some kind of “newest items” list and become forever lost in the queue after a week or so.

Is there potential for long term profit there? I was looking around today, looks like you need to get a good “rating” on your product for it to be more visible.

February 16, 2008


I did cover that Kaboodle eats up Google Rankings :)…

Focusing on Kaboodle users to see your products are only one aspect of the traffic generation.

As far as long term is concerned. I have added a bunch of product myself but I’m just gonna hire some indians. Easy as that.

February 16, 2008

Wow! I guess I have a lot of work a head of me. Good thing I have a three day weekend on top of working on my new site. I am still a little confused on the data feed thing but maybe more can be explained in the forum.

This sounds like a gold mine I do not want to miss out on.

Do we have to have sites already set up with products to send people to? Or are we just using affiliate links?

February 16, 2008

After rereading the post, I guess it is understood that we need a website to send them to.

I guess I need to set up a product website. Another site from scratch (yuck!). Not my best thing to do.

April 22, 2008

I’m extremely pissed at kaboodle. I’ve been doing affiliate linking since 2006 with kaboodle and kaboodle went and changed all my links to their own links to when users click on items i’ve affiliate linked, they now get changed to kaboodle’s affiliate link!!!

Shame on Kaboodle….

November 14, 2008

Isn’t it against most affiliate program TOS to post your aff links anywhere but on a site you own?

November 28, 2008

@Renee: As I know, most aff program TOS does allow it :)

November 30, 2008

One Suggestion : Put Kaboodle Series! Will make attractive i think :)

November 3, 2009

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February 2, 2010

great idea.

June 3, 2010

Hey I just came across your web site. You have some really great infomormation! Thanks! I was wondering if you knew how to increase the number of products on Kaboodle? I can add to my LISTS of products, but not products. I am limited to three.
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