Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

What’s Standing In The Way Of Your Goals?

I am curious to know what is standing in the way of achieving any goals you may have set for yourself. Goals mean nothing if your not working on ways to achieve them. So in turn I bet we will uncover a lot of things that may be hindering your work schedule. Let’s identify them and find a solution on how to either avoid things keeping you from working on achieving your goals or doing away from them altogether.

 Is it lack of information?

Not knowing where to begin?

Not enough hours in the day? (guilty)

To concerned with what else is going on in the Internet world?

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February 5, 2008

I have plenty of ambition but a chronic lack of motivation. It’s a rather frustrating combination.

I get complacent. Last month I was bringing in $60/day, which was OK if not great. I’m doing exactly the same this month and getting $10/day. Now I’m struggling to do too many things when I should have invested my time while I was earning more.

Distraction. Christ, I’ve got the whole Internet sitting right in front of me. How can I possibly get any work done with all this stuff here?

Lack of commitment. I get plenty of ideas, but when they don’t work I move on to something new – often without giving it a chance. I need to persevere and put more effort into things before giving up.

February 5, 2008

Well for me it’s alchole, I probably can’t even spell it properly er alchole…, I like getting wasted LOL

Apart from that, all that stands between you and your goals is yourself, and that’s the way it will always be.

February 5, 2008

Not enough hours in the day. Working full time, plus a second job, plus all the chief cook and bottle washer stuff at home, and then I get stuck refreshing Ruck’s site looking for more fascinating tidbits.

But aside from that, I was working this angle: http://www.45n5.com/permalink/50-websites-making-only-20-per-month-equals-1000-p.html
with his script that does an amazon-ebay-yahoo mashup. So now I have 10 sites ( yeah! 1/5 of the way there! ) and they’re sitting there doing squat. Sowhat’s in the way of that goal? I can’t figure out how to send traffic there.

Secondly, I know you’re the email genius :) but I haven’t an idea of how to start an email list. And if I were to start an email list, I’d probably need to focus my attention more; I have one “primary” ( low-profitable, sadly ) niche, and I’ve got mfa sites in many others ( yoga, antivirus, et cetera) .

So 1) lack of time, 2) lack of knowledge ( traffic ) and 3) lack of knowledge ( email list forming ).

To top it off, I stand back, and I look at my vast array of autoblogs and mashup thingies, and I survey them and I think “this is crap. I’m sure I can do better than this.” but I don’t have the disposable income to use to learn PPC ( lost a couple of hundred to learning it already and can’t afford to lose more ). So I’m looking at organic traffic growing and normal PPC programs.

February 5, 2008

That should have finished “and normal affiliate programs”

February 5, 2008

@hugepedlar – That commitment hurts man. Look at it this way. If there were 1000 hot dog lovers passing by your hot dog cart everyday, would you stop because nobody decided to eat on Monday? Chances are they will be super hungry tomorrow. Maybe a dumb analogy and I apologize but from what I have seen is people are so close to breaking out usually when they give up…

@Daniel – I dont know what kind of goals you would have. I know your biz and I got to say you real handle those niches like nobody I ever seen man. I think a little Alco is deserving brother.

@Sparky – Hey I have built my share of shit over the last 3 years. I’ll be honest with you too, I still do it. Not every idea is a winner and to be even more honest with you, 90% of them are losers. However just one good thing can turn it all around.

I wont say email genius but I appreciate the comment. I believe a lot of the email stuff I do comes from studying viral marketing. I’ll do anything I can other than buy lists or harvest emails although I have done that. I just try to think up more ways to gather subscribers.

IMO – I dont look at PPC as a disposable income. In my situation its an investment. But your right, because if you dont feel good about what your investing in, chances are nobody else will either.

As far as learning it, you should not be spending any money. Ask them specific questions in the forum as much as you can. I dont care if you ask 100 questions a day. They will get answered.

February 5, 2008

Not knowing where to begin is a big problem and worried about losing money when i don’t have much. It seems even if you don’t plan to use ppc long term you should still use it to test.


February 5, 2008

I’m short on time and information. Lack of time is something I can’t do much about.

The information thing is what takes alot of my time. I do ask some questions, but I tend to learn a lot more by screwing things up, you know trial and error.

February 5, 2008

Short on time. I do a lot of reading and find alot of useful information and just when I’m about to start a project, more information is release and I’m back to reading again.

After reading and if there is a gap, I don’t know where to start with all the stuff I just learned.


February 5, 2008

1. Information overload. I have so many things going through my head, i can’t seem to focus on any particular one.

2. Not knowing where to start is a HUGE hurtle for me. I can’t seem to get myself out of the $1.00 per day mindset, and i can’t seem to figure out where to start in scaling anything iv done.

3. TIME! This is the biggest one for me. Im a full time student, AND im a full time software engineer. So where is the time for focusing on Internet marketing? It’s no where to be found. This might be easier if I could get a handle on outsourcing though, another thing I struggle with.


February 6, 2008

@Ruck: with regards to “spending money learning it” I mean running a PPC campaign on Google Adwords for some stupid thing to drive people to my affiliate landing page for same stupid thing, spending $50 on 30 clicks and getting no sales. Do that six times, and I’ve lost $300 dicking around :P

February 6, 2008

<p>Ruck asked:<br />
What’s standing in the way of your goals?</p>
<p>Not Enough Coffee In The Pot!</p>
<p>Seriously, I try to set my goals much higher than<br />
I can accept as possible at the time I write them down – i.e. how much I want to make eacg day, week and year, what I want to do for fun, what toys I want to buy this month, where I want to travel to with my family etc.. </p>
<p>(I’m real specific on my goal lists about the details to, how much, when, where, and so on.)</p>
<p>I’ve been doing this for years now, and amazingly, by keeping those written goals nearby and checking in on them regularly, I find that I’m able to come up with the motivation AND the implementation to come pretty close to acheiving most of them. </p>
<p> (I save my yearly goal sheets and refer to them regularly – it’s awesome looking over them, and seeing how many I accomplished, especially when I remember how impossible they seemed when I wrote them down.)</p>
<p>If I needed to do one thing better though – that would be learning to manage outsourced work much much better. I still like to have too much control over the work that needs to be done. </p>
<p>(Always feeling like I need to “do it myself” if I want it done right.) Naturally, this has made it real hard to implement outsourced work and scale up some of my projects – very limiting! </p>
<p>I need to get over that this month – just added it to my goal sheet. Thanks Ruck!</p>

February 6, 2008

Oh, and Ruck – I have no idea why I thought BB code would work on your blog. Sorry!

February 6, 2008

LOL..no worries!

February 6, 2008

Great post Ruck! Get us thinking about what is standing in our way, which will hopefully in turn, allow us to correct it.
I relate to the comment about learning, then ready to apply, then more info comes about, so back to learning…what I did to fix that? I got off of 90% of the mailing lists. I removed 90% of the blogs from my blog lines…and I stopped searching for information. I have a habit of opening every link on a post (or page) into a new tab so I can read it when I’m done with the current information. I’ve reduced that significantly!

One HUGE thing for me though…I read about someone’s successes, the amount of money they spend on PPC in a month, the amount they spend on hosting, the amount they spend on Internet access…and think…do I need this shit to succeed…dammit…then I snap out of it…realize I don’t need all that, and haven’t needed all that to make the money that I have already made….

Other than that there isn’t much else…I do this full time, no other jobs, I work from home which can be a bit of a distraction…and more so when the baby arrives in the next couple weeks :)…but I have sorted through most challenges so far…my mindset is the biggest one these days….think positive…I can do it, have done it, and will do it….

p.s. have you fixed the email notifier yet? :)

February 6, 2008

@Ruck – HTML Duly Noted ;) – been spending too much time at certain forums.

February 6, 2008

Quite honestly I have no one to blame but myself. Sure I could throw the blame around, but when it truly comes down to it they are all excuses and no one is to blame but myself.

Sure, holding down the full time job, household work (cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard stuff), 3 kids, helping with schoolwork, youth sports (including coaching), car maintenance (I do 90% of my own), golf, and I’m sure I could keep typing more.

However, it still comes down to utilizing my time online more effectively. Time management is the biggest failure for most people, therefore, making little goals that will help accomplish the big goal is helping me better manage my time online. This is what I am concentrating on for now, and once these are complete I’ll continue to build upon that, in the end accomplishing my primary objective.

February 6, 2008

I’m with you, Scott…we all have jobs, kids, sports, or the like. The key is when we sit down to work, not to get sidetracked checking out the latest posts, or whatever. This is my biggest challenge…using my time wisely.

Ruck made a great post not too long ago, or maybe it was in the forum, but anyway, it was about how he would make a list the night before of what he wanted to get done the next day (nothing too special or different so far)…but the next step is the kicker.

The next day, before you check email, read blogs, check your stats, or generally goof around, knock out 2-3 things on that list.

I have started doing this, and it does work. As long as you do it, that is! (:

February 6, 2008

Absolutely. If you knock out a few things that add to your production then it’s not so bad to read something in the time you alotted for that space and try something new. At least then you can fall back on “I got 3 things out of 5 that I NEEDED done today” instead of none.

February 6, 2008

For me, it’s lack of motivation. That’s a big hindrance for me in achieving my goals and also I don’t have enough time in achieving those goals.

February 6, 2008

1.) Fear of failure and success
2.) Time management
3.) Persistence

yep, I’m pretty messed up!

February 6, 2008

Hey Ruck ,

Well lets where do I begin….

1) I believe I have the motivation

2) I beleive I spend enought time at the computer(just as wife and kids who there dad and husbands was and they wern’t sure) LOL J/K

3)I spend way to much time trying to figure out how to do simple things things(so ya lack of knowlege is a factor here)

4)For sure not knowing where to start or what to start with .Seem every time I get going on something and have to figure out how to do something while searching for answers ,I find something else that catches my attention .

5)Information over load is a big problem for me believe it or not LOL .

6)Concentration is a big problem I prolly can’t go more then 10 min with out checking out forums or whats new for D/L or share (don’t want to mis any thing Nor do I ever want to pay for anything that might be good)Waisted enough $$$$

Once I’m able to figure out how to get something
going ,and do it a few times it and every thing will come a lot easer .

But It’s the first one that is Killing me,but I’m not going anywhere till I get it .So until then Bro your stuck with me .Nah man I’ll still be you friend after I’m rich to (wink)

So there you have it Ruck Not much wrong with me at all. LMAO


February 6, 2008

Not sufficient traffic and knowledge similar to Sparky. For example my articles that sell on wso do well but don’t sell out so there’s more that can be sold but not sure where/how to get traffic for that. Will try the ebay classifieds idea but am not sure of best way to set up the phrases for the optin. Also do well with various articles initially in search engnes but they seem to lose page 1 and 2 fast and then don’t return. So traffic and staying high up on engines after articles down the road are the issues.


February 6, 2008

Lack of Information and Not Enough Hours in the Day.

I am ‘taking action’ all over the place, but I lack the knowledge of how to do what I am doing EFFECTIVELY.

I just blew $5.00 on a FB ad. Today, on AdWords I’ve spent $1.05 and I’ve made $2.50 from the CPA’s. Now how do I multiply that by, oh I don’t know…1,000???

By the time I actually sit down to do any of this, it’s after work and after the kids are in bed…leaving from about 9pm until whenever I fall over in front of the keyboard knowing that I have to work tomorrow.

Must stick with it, must stick with it…man it’s tough.

February 6, 2008

I would have to go with knowledge more then anything. I have been at this about a year and still feel like I know very little of the basics. I do make some money but my technical skills are what hold me back the most. Thats why I loved the tutorial idea in the forum. I think that will help answer a lot of questions and get me to move up a level.
Time is also factor but I think that has to do with me tryin to figure simple things for way to long like Gokarter said.
The main thing I did do is cut my forum time a lot and try to tackle things 1 step at a time.

February 6, 2008

My main pitfalls so far:

– Lack of solid info
– Lack of funds to invest
– Lack of skills to build on ideas

Lack of solid info is just not knowing how to do things. I’m really wanting to get more into affiliate marketing but having a hard time finding step-by-step details on the process. Yeah, everyone says you just need to DO IT to learn but in a lot of cases that takes cash. I wouldn’t mind paying to learn by doing but just don’t have the extra funds

Lack of funds to invest…pretty obvious. I know there are free or cheap methods to get traffic but I’m also always short on time as well lol. If I had more cash I could do more testing and learning as I go. It wouldn’t be as important to know exactly what I was doing right away with more room for mistakes and dumb moves.

Beyond marketing, like most people, I have some cool ideas for sites or services but no idea how to build them yet. Lack of time to learn php and other platforms and lack of cash to outsource lol.

pretty much the standard noob with all the usual excuses lol.

Thankfully with blogs like yours, where you share real and helpful info (rather than just brag and tease all the time) the knowledge part is obtainable ;). Now I just need to find your “free money” button so I can do some PPC/offer test lol.

February 6, 2008

Definitely money to invest and time. I really want to get to the point of staying home and making it a full time career. I just have too much on the line and I am not making enough to quit. If I quit my job and didnt get something going right away me and my family would suffer.

So money, time and the lack of confidence in myself to make a full time income online.


February 6, 2008

Definitely the know how. I have no technical knowledge. I couldn’t even figure out how to put a link in my signature on this forum. I am trying to figure out RSS right now. Sheesh.

February 6, 2008

@Ruck i agree with sparky

@sparky I agree, if you need to test 30 words , really you need 200 clicks to be fair (say .25 per click), that’s (.25 x 200) x 30 = 1500 USD worst still i can only get a UK adwords account so that’s more closer to 1320 GBP or approx 2603 USD.


February 6, 2008

Not enough solid information to develop into skills.

February 6, 2008

I’m jealous of most of you. I really wish someone would email me out of the kindness of their own heart and say, “Here, try this and I’m feeling benevolent today. The market will be flooded with this technique in like 2 weeks, so get in while the money’s hot.”

About the only luck I’ve had is $1 an hour on a niche blogging site. I just don’t know how you guys do it, or find the time in the day to get the kind of neat ideas out there. I also see you spending money to make money, but they are risks that may perhaps give you no return. I’ve also seen too many people have to dabble in blackhatting, or borderline TOS violation stuff, and that’s too much of a risk for me. There’s only so many CPA networks out there, and you can’t go violating all those TOS’s so fast unless one is recreating LLCs over and over again with different names and then changing phone numbers.

So, for now, I’m focused on advanced PHP freelance work that earns me $12K a month. However, I’m working a full 60 hours a week for that $12K. On some days, it’s pretty darn tough. I wish I could get paid on autopilot like many of you, even for just a couple days, just to taste what it feels like.

February 6, 2008

Oh, and reddit is another distraction. I’ve had to stick this in my hosts file: reddit.com http://www.reddit.com digg.com http://www.digg.com

February 6, 2008

Focus. For me it’s definitely focus. Plus, doing so well on one (somewhat) bh method that anything less than something that will bring in a min of $50-100/day seems like it’s not worthwhile. I don’t say that to brag, it’s actually retarded thinking. My bh method can’t last forever and I need to find something longer term.

February 6, 2008

i think money is stopping me big time and getting quilty content for my site. I know alot about adwords and getting a high score, keywords research and setting up my landing page that the search engine love. I don’t really know how to higher a ghost writer to do my content.

February 6, 2008

My biggest hurdles:

1) being afraid to bother people who know what I need to know. I hate bothering a guy as busy as Ruck for example with my dumb ass question because I’m sure the answer is already out there somewhere on the net. The problem is it may take me a week or a year to find it.

2) Not being smart enough to know what parts of the advice I’m given to actually use.

3) Time.

I for example have 15 things on my “must get done today” list for marketing and at least 4 times that for my 9-5 job.

I actually manage to get at least 4-5 done per day on my own list but I can’t do the most important ones.

The problem is, the most important ones take the most time and things like “create a map of all the steps between where you are and the $250,000 you want to earn this year” isn’t exactly something I can do on a coffee break.

I actually have a chart I’m working on. I titled it, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Where do you start? At the stinky end.”


So I save those for the weekends when I have a few hours at a time to sit and think. I’m slowly chipping away.

The good news is, by getting my butt up early and going to bed early, I have several hours each morning to do the things I need to get done without being completely mentally exhausted after the 9-5. They don’t deserve the best of my day, so I’ve stopped giving it to them.

This morning for example I’ve spent some time working on my “day schedule”. A to-the-minute breakdown of how to get my morning routine down to the smallest amount of time possible. Just by listing the things I do and how long it takes I’ve realized that by paying attention, moving with purpose and rearranging the order of things I can multi-task (write down my to-do list for the day WHILE my eggs cook, pack my briefcase WHILE I brush my teeth) that I can “create” another half hour of day that I can use for my marketing work.

I also realized my non-thinking tasks need to be done when I think the worst. I pack my lunch and do laundry and dishes at night when I’m mentally tired because those things don’t take much mental energy.

Rearranging my adwords campaigns and checking my spreadsheets takes some brain cells so I do those when I’m most alert. Early to mid morning.

I exercise when I’m already mentally dead. It refreshes my mind a little, but doesn’t waste premium brain time.

So my biggest hurdle has been me getting in my own way.

Now I’m gettin’ the hell out of my own way step by step, bite by bite.

Mmmmm. Elephant tail.

4) Sleep.

I gotta have it.

February 6, 2008

I think its slow results. I was spoilt really. I tried my first e-commerce site when i was 15. Pulled in just under £500 in the first week, just advertising on ebay. Unfortunately, it only lasted a week as i got C&Dd :( (I was buying and selling game gold).

Then came myspace, and I’m sure many of you know how easy it was to make money with myspace.

I guess it has made me lazy, but I’m trying to change that :).

February 7, 2008
Geese Howard

Is there a tactic where I can do pretty much nothing and make all sorts of money? Thats where Im stuck.


Just kidding. I think for may of the new guys it could be where to start. For me it’s not having any idea what I want to do with a website.

February 7, 2008

With that question Ruck, you could make a killing (as a shrink) off of me :-)

What’s standing between me and the success I believe I can achieve this year in my business is lack of focus and lack of consistency. Some days I can’t get myself on track and it shows up in my results…my affiliate commission checks.

February 8, 2008

Self-discipline is the one thing standing in the way of achieving my goals. The New England Patriots, my home town NFL team, preached the doctrine of self discipline every day. You saw what happened to them when they lost focus for a short period of time and it cost them the Big Game. I am inspired by the articles you write. I loose focus, like the Patriots, by following the links in the post which lead to other links and before long the night is shot and most of my goals are not met. Developing better self discipline to start something and focus on it rather than multitasking would lead to better results.

February 8, 2008

^^^^ Hey! Another Mass-Hole. Im from southern Mass, and workin hopkinton. I pass by Foxboro every day. anyway…carry on


February 11, 2008

Im surprised that people have been complaining that they dont have enough information. I mean if you want to make a living from the internet, then wheres the best place to find information on how to make money on the internet? Um, the internet?

Too much information is my downfall.

Everytime I am on a website reading something of interest, there will usually be a link leading to another article or website…then another….then another. There are plenty of ways to get traffic and make money, but it’s so easy to get distracted by new methods and forget something or a website you discovered that you found half an hour ago. I wish I had a photographic memory like Ruck to be able to store all this information in my head.

I find it is absolutely vital to write down and plan exactly what I am going to do. Utilise all the valuable information which can be found not only on this site, but on the internet in general and create a plan or checklist of things to do. Create a timetable for the week so that each day you are doing something different to help you achieve your goal.

February 18, 2008

I have lots of plans/ goals that I want to achieve. But I guess, there’s a lack of motivation with me in any aspect. And I think, I don’t have enough time.