Thursday, January 31st, 2008

End Of January – Small Contest Today

I got to say over the last couple of days I have really been feeling like crap. Must be the weather with snow on the ground here. With that said I thought I would do something that ALWAYS cheers me up—> Hand out some dolla bills yo!Money mouth

So here's the contest which runs until 12 am Central Standard time today January 31st, 2008. I want to hear from you what you have learned that was valuable from this blog and what you have done with it. There are two parts to the contest so you must answer both to qualify. The first month of the new year is over and there's no better time to get cranking than now. In addition I will be picking out the 3 answers I find are the best. For these 3 contestants I will award each $100 via Paypal tomorrow morning.

All you have to do is reply to this post. Comment on what you have learned that was valuable to you and what you did with it to further your business online. Contest runs until 12 am folks so just leave your comment, article, whatever you like beneath this post and tomorrow morning I will announce 3 people who will walk away with $100 each. (That's better than any article directory pays by farCool)

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January 31, 2008

Cash Tactics was the first make money online blog I visited since joining the RJ forum back in 2006. Ruck inspired to create a blog and start yacking away. I even decided to go with the same Cutline theme, but a 3 column version. :)
Creating a blog was the best thing I could have done for my online business. It allowed me to reach out to my readers on an entire different level than I would have been able to by just selling or promoting products. Blogging has also opened up many doors and helped me create wonderful relationships with other bloggers and industry leaders. A few months ago I posted a comment in the RJ Success forum on how I made $9,500 from blogging in just one month. I can attribute much of that success to this blog itself for giving me in the inspiration to go in that direction.

Since then, I’ve progressed as a blogger and made Cash Tactics a daily stop for me to get my fill. The thing about C.T. is that it’s not like most making money blogs. It’s written by a straight shooter who tells things like they are. Sometimes the posts are as long as a novel, but that’s okay. As Ruck has said himself, once he gets going, he can’t stop. lol

The video post Ruck did of the RJ forum was probably my favorite thing I’ve seen around here. I promoted that video myself, because it was informational and hilarious at the same time. Ruck isn’t a “guru” that everyone loves to hate, but a real guy with a family who tells you straight up how to make money online, without all the gimmicks or empty promises. Thanks Ruck!!

January 31, 2008

That’s an interesting question; because a lot of what I read here goes into “the hopper” in my head to try to match up with some other ideas elsewhere.

The main thing I learned from you was to look at the difference between a Meta Refresh and a PHP Redirect. I took that, and mulled it over, and then took, something I don’t think you say out loud, which is the nike slogan.

So one Saturday morning I decided I needed to make $1000 that weekend ( it was a long weekend ) and went down a list o how I could do it. I eventually decided to write a stupid redirect management script and try to sell it for $5 ( 200 times. High hopes. I would have been happy with 10 times). I had the basic workings of it and had offered it for free, but if I put more features into it I thought I could sell it. Anyway, I polished it up and went about marketing it. I failed miserably; and I think it was because I didn’t sell it. ( I didn’t sell one copy). I’ve taken that thing off the market, and plan to work on it and re-release it with a better sales page.

Another thing you pointed out was “scale it up” ( making money with ringtones…scale it up ). While I did download some of your tools I couldn’t get them to work the way I wanted them to in linux (specifically the conversion of the video files with the logo/url over it), the “scale it up” appealed to me, and I doubled the number of autoblogs I had running ( I’m not a big fan of them, it’s like pole dancing to make the money to feed my babies while I study to be an astrophysicist ).

Your sister writing articles has shown me that I could do that too for a few bucks here and there; 35 $3 articles would be enough to .. well let’s not go there.

I learned that I’m way behind the ball with prep for upcoming holidays and when to start advertising for them. So, now that I’m seeing Father’s Day crap in the stores, I’m working on my Father’s Day landing pages.

So, you haven’t shown me one thing specifically that I’ve taken and run with, but I’m trying out different facets of the gems that dribble from your fingertips.

January 31, 2008

Hi Ruck,

To say the least this blog has got me on track. I was spending alot of time at bhw chasing this system or that. In 2008 I have only gone over there twice since you left and now visit this site several times a day.

From my frequent questions and emails (I know you think I’m a pain in the ass.), however I hope you can tell I work at this quite hard.

Since the beginning of 2008 I have put together a mashup site which has earned me $500 in commissions already.

Second, I began creating landing pages for cpa offers using wordpress. (Until this blog I never used it.)

Third, I really started honing down my adwords campaigns for my information product using wordze.

Lastly, I have been just having fun doing this instead of worrying about making a few bucks.

The end result is over $7300 in revenue in January alone.

I have recently been working on some new stuff with Facebook that I think will make a ton of cash once I understand it a little better.

More than anything this blog has given me the motivation to keep pluggin away.

My ultimate goal here is to be able to do internet marketing full time, and spend more time with the family.

My second goal is to get good enough to meet up with you next year for your brainstorming sessions.

Thanks for all the help, hopefully I can return the favor in the future.



January 31, 2008

Ruck was the first to really help me understand CPA offers and how to promote them.

I had been utilizing Ebay for ebook marketing and list building for a while, but after learning about CPA offers from Ruck, I thought I might combine what I was already doing along with this new knowledge I had gained.

So I chose a dietary/weight loss offer that paid well and wrote a 3-page article about it (hyperlinked extensively throughout with my affiliate ID).

I then promoted it via Ebay and other sites the same way I did ebooks. Only this time, I gave it away for free.

I built my list, made an excellent return, and am now rinsing and repeating.

One thing that I’ve always taken to heart (and I believe Ruck agrees) is that to succeed, you need to listen to what successful people tell you – but more importantly you must apply that knowledge in different or unique ways.

Copying exactly what someone tells you is not a recipe for success. Thinking for yourself is.

January 31, 2008

My post might not me long like everybody else,but the one thing i learn valueable from this blog is how to do my keyword research and setting up my landing page. It help me by getting a better score in my adword account. Last year i read everything about adword because i did’nt have the money to waste testing alot. i did do some testing but it did’t took long for me to see that all my reading about adwords have payed off. Thanks I really apericiate it

January 31, 2008

All the techniques, hints, and tips are great but the most valuable thing I have learned is that what works for you may not work for me. I have take the tips and adapt them to my situation, even try to find “holes” in them to make it better. Nothing is going to work if you have 1,000 people trying the same thing. Especially when those people have different strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge.

So I’m not copying anything and expecting a miracle, I’m learning how to take a tip and make it work for me.

January 31, 2008
The Dog

I’ve learned a lot from various excellent posts, but perhaps the thing that most affected my business has been your personal story, as told in your ABOUT page and in your new forum.

Sure, that may not have been your intention, but learning sometimes comes from strange places. For me, hearing about your grueling work schedule of a full-time job, with two part-time jobs, started me thinking about my own life.

Hack-sawing off your broken hand’s cast before going to a job interview, working unbelievably long hours, and getting back on your horse whenever you fell down were inspiring stories for me. I realized I have been kidding myself about the amount of work I really get done each day.

After reflection, I learned that I was wasting far too much time in forums, reading email, and so on. Some of that is valuable, but now I am focusing more time on real money-making work, and working longer hours to compensate for my distractible personality (:).

I also learned from your personal story that failing at certain methods or efforts in this game does not mean I won’t succeed next month or next year.

As to what I have done with this learning . . . I am determined to keep getting up when I fall, and to keep building on the moderate successes I have already had. Now my income is growing each month instead of stagnating. Thanks for inspiring me to work harder and to keep learning in a more focused way, Ruck!

January 31, 2008

Well first of all Ruck you were my first real inspiration going back to the RJ forum. I have learned a lot from you and I continue to be inspired by your blog and now Forum.

What have I learned from your blog?

Well to be honest I have learned a lot from you over the last year or so. Your blog is awesome! You give out so much free info that everyone else wants to charge for, you make it possible for the little guy like me to succeed!

The biggest thing I have learned from your teachings is to always stay on your toes. This is a cutthroat business and if your not watching your back your gonna get nailed. Always stay on top of your game and do not get lazy. The day you get lazy and think you have mastered this business is the day you begin to fail

You have taught me never to quit learning. Always pursue more information and keep absorbing all the info out there. If you make 5k a month dont stop and be satisfied keep learning and increasing that income!

I don’t want to talk about a particular method you have taught because all your methods are money makers. I like to talk about what I can take away from you and your blog and use in my every day life. Your teachings are not just about IM but also about working hard and making things happen. Kinda like your history, you always worked hard and that inspires me. No matter what profession your involved in, your teachings apply.

Honestly Ruck you were a big reason I was able to pull out of credit card debt and get my family and me going in the right direction.

Thats why I feel you and your blog Ruck.

Thanks for all you do for everyone!

To everyones Success!

January 31, 2008

Heh, simple. A week ago when discovering this site, I learn how to do a proper keyword research. Launched a campaign with the knowlege in mind and guess what? I’m making profit.

Best thing I learned is that there are tons of ways to make money online. And theres nothing wrong with telling other people how because 95% of them won’t do it anyways. Heh..goodstuff.

January 31, 2008

The post about using adwords placement targeting has helped me the most. I had used the old site targeting but never thought out of the box or took it to the level Ruck did. That post got me into gear and now I spend hours each day looking for new places to target.

The methods discussed in the post allow me to make some money each day and I’m continually testing new sites trying to increase profits.

Overall I have learned so much from the info on the blog and forums but the two main points for me are scaling and outside the box thinking.

In the past I would limit myself and never go full force with any method even it was profitable. After reading about Ruck doing things to the max; I realized I was wasting time and losing out on profits. Basically if something works then you should try to get every penny out of it as you can. Go big or go home.

I always thought the big money makers online had the money to throw at conventional methods and thus didn’t do much outside the box thinking. But throughout the blog I kept noticing Ruck using methods I never heard of. Clearly Ruck is banking by thinking creatively and outside the box all the time. But things really made sense when Ruck, answered a question in one of the recent posts saying 75% of his life insurance and debt promotion is offline and is working on an infomercial. I never thought to run offers offline and didn’t think Ruck would spend such a large % of his advertising budget with offline methods.

January 31, 2008

Shoot, got tied up at my ‘day job’ (ugh!) today and didn’t jump on until late. Hopefully, I still made it. If not, oh well.

#1) “Pick an Honest Offer”

Those words have definitely helped me improve my CPA tactics. There was nothing worse than the day I ran a ‘get three ties for free’ post thinking it was a great offer. Then, someone commented on the fine print. ONLY when you buy ONE tie first at a ridiculous price. Oops.

#2 “What NOT to Choose as an Offer if You’re New to the Game”

Hello! Can anyone say ringtones? Tried that over at YouTube before Joe Originality posted it over at that other place. Not a good idea.

#3 “Breaking the $1,000 an Hour Barrier”

I learned that this IS a possibility. This is, at times, the only thing that has kept me going. There are days (like today, for instance) where I feel like NOTHING is working and why am I wasting my time on this crap?

Then, I think $1,000 an hour, $1,000 an hour, $1,000 an hour, there’s no place like home (oops, sorry went off to Oz there for a minute).

All it takes is for the stars to align properly ONE time, and it will all be worth it.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can also achieve.”

January 31, 2008

When I first starting reading this blog about a month and a half ago I was looking for strategies and ways I could duplicate to create success.

I realized that I already had the answers, I just needed a kick in the ass and start making moves.

I’ve sent emails to Ruck and have gotten no response which in itself was a response.

I still look for new ideas but I now see how I can use the idea and tweak it a bit to come come up with something different as suggested in the post ‘Why Make Money Bloggers Do Not Reveal Their Secrets’. The quote: “Dont copy me and try to be successful, take the idea of what I am doing and do it better or at the very least tweak it and see what you come up with”.

Lessons learned: Don’t expect handouts. Don’t be a clone. Be honest to your readers. Connect with them on a personal level. Don’t just sit on your ass. Implement your ideas and strategies. The reciprocation rule applies in Internet Marketing. Encourage commenting. Leverage the use of free promotion tools. Put in work, reap the rewards.

Actions Taken: Figured out the answers I needed instead of waiting on responses to emails. Put my own spin on something that was working for someone else. Implemented my ideas. In 3 short days after taking action I have already reaped rewards.

Thanks Ruck. Great contest. There is a lesson to be learned in why you chose to have a contest as well. I’m not there yet but I’ll definitely be having a contest or two in the future.

p.s. Your ‘Notify Me Of Future Comments Via Email’ doesn’t appear to work

January 31, 2008

Almost every day my RSS reader pops up with a new post, and of course i have to read what’s up. Although it’s fun to read, it’s usually nothing i don’t already know (since i’m such an all knowing genius). So, i guess you owe me 100 bucks for wasting my precious time! Biatch. Muahahah.

January 31, 2008

I am not gonna put a real long answer like the ones above… But a few things thou… is bookmarked in my RSS reader and I literally check every few hours for a new post coz they are always helpful with atleast “SOMETHING” new that I never had an idea about…

I read the free reports that you published a while back on article marketing and gave me a whole new perspective on what I had to do to improve my site rankings…

and thanx for the info, I did some changes like using parasites for link buidling and directory submissions, I finally got my site to the first page and now making made me over $1800 this month.. that is just from ONE site! many more wer tat came from…

I am more of an SEO guy than PPC.. but everytime I read your posts, I get confident to start my own PPC campaign.. just waiting for ma checks to cash in and then am ramping those PPC babes right up ;)

then there’s tip… boy that was a jackpot.. so many niches WITH everything i need to know ABOUT that niche in just one single website… i still have so many niches running thru ma head and having a hard time focusing on one site at a time lol…

thanks for the info dude…
yep got too long init ;)

January 31, 2008


Its horrible cold and wet whether here in the UK and I don’t feel like doing much.

The biggest thing I have learnt from you is not to procrastinate, just do it! If something doesn’t work get over it and learn from the experience, never give up!

I am currently writing loads of articles for article and bum marketing. Its early days as I am a noobie, but I am confident that I will succeed.

I hope to then reinvest in PPC and start the learning process all over again…..

… Learning is what its all about!

Thank you

Andrew, UK

January 31, 2008

The biggest thing I’ve learned is you need to keep plugging away. Don’t follow the herd and just because someone claims to be an internet guru, doesn’t mean they are.

The biggest changes I’ve made from advice on this board is I started using targeted websites in adwords campaigns. I don’t feel I am the master yet, but I have made some cash. I still need to find how to target websites that will pay and everyone isn’t also targeting.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your great and free advice.

January 31, 2008

I probably won’t win this contest, but these two words I learned on this blog are the biggest gems of advice I HAVE EVER received in my life, in fact I tingle when I hear or see them….

Yahoo Answers

February 1, 2008


Good one Mike! I concur :)

February 1, 2008
the other Jeff

First time I stumbled into your blog I was hooked. I was really focusing on building more of a business at the time and your writings seemed to be more focused toward ” business models”.

Ruck’s “think out of the box ” personality , work ethic, and free giving nature are the qualities of a great mentor.

First, the “thinking out of the box” concepts that have been shared , have developed a more educated eye on how to recognize, take action ,and capitalize on opportunities the net unfolds for marketers.

Second, this is a biggy , work Ethic. One thing everyone will notice is Rucks dedication and focus
is one of his strongest attributes. I realized I spent just a much online a day as Ruck but, I didn’t accomplish 25% of what he accomplished in his day. Thats right, I had to cut down on my time playing in forums and keeping up on my celebrity gossip and more time spent on making efforts to make money.

Finally, Ruck’s freely given advice and ideas has open a new chapter in my internet marketing career. I have spent a few late nights into early morning chatting with Ruck threw instant messenger and if he knows or not he has inspired me and brought back something that was missing.

Confidence and belief in myself.

Thanks Bro

February 1, 2008

Hey Ruck what can I say,

Finding your blog was like finding the clearing in the forest. It was as though I’d stepped into a small doorway from the busy street leaving all the noise of the crowds outside.

I’ve been doing this n that online for the past eight years and have tried and tested many a thing and some of it worked really well but most of it didn’t.

I’ve spent thousands with Corey, Jay and Joyner and I was all stompered out, running around the net trying to get things to work… but, that all stopped the day I read your story…

Man, you had some heavy shit to deal with but you came through it all for a reason and that was so that you could not only develop your own business but be the FIRST marketer to really, honestly show the way.

“You walk the talk straight from the hip…”

Then I read some of your reports that you have posted for free… and the way you communicate your message in those reports lays everything out so clearly every time, but you cleverly always leave something to the imagination of the reader to get them thinking.

I’m at your blog and forum everyday because it’s like an aladdins cave of creative information. It gives me that kind of Christmas everyday feeling.

Ruck, since finding your blog I’ve learn’t more about marketing online in 6 weeks than I have in 8 years and I’m steadily building an income that will feed my family for life.

For that Ruck I thank you.

February 1, 2008

Umm… some things I’ve learned;

1) You really can make some serious cash online.

2) Working from home can make you fat.

3) It’s only when you have enough money to buy all those cool toys you want that people start sending you free stuff.

4) I never win anything.


February 1, 2008

Lol, Troy I like the humor. (2) is so true though :(

February 1, 2008

The most important thing I learned from you was scale the fuck out of everything.. In the past I would get a good idea and sell it on WarriorForum for $50 when I should have been scaling the fuck out of it and exploiting it into the $1000’s.

February 1, 2008

Ruck, you’ve got some great articles on this blog but the best one by far is your personal story on how you went from hauling hay to earning some good money online.

This line especially stuck in my head: Figure your route, remember what you have already done, and factor the consequences of what it’s going to take to get to where you want.

This really inspired me. I never thought much about the ruckus [you’re famous, see =)] about making money online and I didn’t believe it. But your advice shook me and I took that small step forward, getting the courage to change my wretched life.

I set a very simple goal – to make my first thousand through something which had always fascinated me, writing about sports. It has always been my passion and hobby. I knew the possible consequences and what it would take to get there – I took a week off from my day job to do some intensive research and to write a few articles which I submitted to several sports websites. Alas, the determined ultimately get rewarded and I got my first assignment – a small task one which I took very seriously. When I got my first check for $100, I was delighted and the compliments from the editor also spurred me on. Eventually, I made the thousand in just a few weeks.

So making money online is not a myth but neither is it a walk in the park. Do something you’re passionate in, believe in yourself, don’t be lazy, take the sacrifices needed to achieve your goal, celebrate the small wins along the way and don’t be disheartened by the hiccups which may occur as well. And the determined WILL succeed!

February 1, 2008

What you have learned that was valuable to you?

Simple answer. I learned to stop making everything so DAMN complicated. After reading around this here site and twirling the over-weight hamster in my brain I found my magic pill.

Make things Simple!

Most of what I have read here is not super-duper complicated to understand. You get to the point when explaining things and how to execute them. Without over complicating the process. I love digging up and mowing down on info on any topic related to “make money online” I can find. And your site gives me a nice helping handful every time I sit down to eat. Which in turn says to me.

“Ricky, See this idea Ruck just covered here from point A. to B.?”

Yeah what about it?

“See how simple he made the process without over complicating it?”


“Then DO THE SAME, damnit! It works.”

What you did with it to further your business online?

I gutted it! I ripped the over-weight hamster outta my head and put him on a strict diet. His ass is running up and down stairs like Rocky now! The bottom line is I started acting on the simple. Instead of reviewing every project I have with a fine-tooth comb and thinking “it’s not right yet”. I simply said screw it! I package the idea together now and execute!

And guess what?

It has been working well too.

Simple man, Simple.

February 1, 2008

These are great comments. Every single one of them that people took seriously :)

It’s going to be tough but I just wanted to spot something Kris said above because it truly hits home “So making money online is not a myth but neither is it a walk in the park”

That right there is one of the most important things you will ever read. Because quite frankly I thought everyone was full of shit when I started online and I can tell you right now that it’s quite the opposite. Moving out of the forums and into the blogosphere has been one of the most positive and enlightening things I have ever done. There are tons of people making money online and chances are that if your the type to shoot them down because you dont believe them then your exactly the type of person that drove me to where I am at today.

Great comment man, totally socked my nerves:)

February 1, 2008

I can’t win this as I haven’t gotten far enough in part 2 of the criterion to win but I’ve just started reading this blog daily and it’s helped me focus and see some important principles:

1) Things have to be done in large doses- ie I’m inspired by the 50 yahoo answers accts. I had been jumping around posting 2 answers here and there, submitting 3 articles, a few craigslist posts to build a newsletter etc. This has to be a massive attack. Ruck’s done this in all contexts whether it’s article writing, landing pages, video submissions, yahoo answers, walmarts etc

I knew this when I did well with the scraper sites in the old days for hours at a time, but since then have been floundering in shell shock over the loss of the old auto generated site empires.

2) Stop time wasters like checking e-mail, watching office space often to compensate for day job (great movie though) , looking for the next holy grail for the 1k a day etc.

3) Add unique touch- as others mentioned, not copy Ruck but learn how to think like the way he put together the free weight loss bottle offer contest into the email newsletter/leads approach.


February 1, 2008

Top Ten Things I Learned at

10 .Have positive thoughts words and deeds at all times. The Cashtactics

Community frowns on negative thoughts and will correct you whenever you

express negative thoughts.

09. Yahoo Buzz and Google Hot Trends must be checked several times per

day to determine what direction the internet is going at the current

time. You can spot trends and cycles with these tools.

08. Tunnel vision on Google as the know-all-to-end-all on the internet is

a fatal mistake for anyone starting out in business. Sure, they are the

biggest and most dominant company for Internet Marketing, but there are

other, more cost effective paths to profit. Think globally!

07. It’s about the calendar stupid! The calendar defines some major

Google trends. Planning a Christmas campaign in January or a Valentines

day campaign in July is not smart.

06. After you understand how to do something, pay someone else to do it

for you. Do only those things yourself that directly contribute to your

bottom line.

05. More is better in everything you do. There are Hall of Fame hitters

that only hit .333 and strike out more than they hit home runs. Try as

many different things as you have time for to increase your chances for


04. Account Managers at every affiliate site are your best friends (after

Ruck), especially if they will feed you leads earlier than the the crowd

gets them. Make friends with as many of them as you can and keep them

happy. Ask them every question you can and listen for the answers.

03. In one word TEST

02. Reading from beginning to end is is worth more than

all of the “How to Make Money on the Internet” e-books that have ever

been published by Warriorforum and Richjerk members combined. Read it

several times and take plenty of notes.

01.Ultimately, all Internet Marketers are out there for a profit.

Reinvesting income to build up our skills, productivity, and experience

is vital to the growth that leads to these profits. A biproduct of this

process is that we get to feel good by helping in our own small way to

bootstrap others who follow in the path we are making or divert to a

parallel, more productive path that leads to greater profit.

That’s my Top Ten List. Now what did I do with the list? Well let’s

take them in order.

For number ten, I stopped thinking negative thoughts when Ruck chastised

me for thinking negatively in a post I made in the discussion forum.

For number nine, I religiously check each of these sites several times

per day. I’m amazed at how the internet changes during the day.

Ruck has explained in his blog many time how fatal it is to focus on

Google as the single source of success ( see number eight). He has

opened my eyes to the global world of Yahoo Answers, GumTree and other

Canadian and Australian sites as well as the use of Yahoo and Microsoft
search engines.

Number seven, is an applied truth. Stop thinking about tomorrow and

start thinking about what you can do now to create wealth. I am as

guilty of this as the next guy.

I have not gotten to the point where Number 6 is relevant to me yet. I

included it as a future truth so that I would not ever forget it.

Ruck has spoken many time about the importance of trying several things

simultaneously to produce the desired result as stated in number 5. I

reread that quote everyday to remind myself to keep going and drive away

the negative thoughts.

Number 4 is another Internet Truth. One thing I thought about was

getting a mentor and paying for advice to get me started. I lucked into

Ruck’s blog and found I could get advice at a good price (free). I have

joined Clickbank and Paydotcom to get access to the programs and I am now

in the process of finding account managers for these and other programs.

Number 3 is the Golden Rule. I think its the hardest part of any

campaign. Devising a testing strategy is extremely difficult and is one

of the things holding me back. I know better than to whine on the forum

and elsewhere about the problem and have begun an extensive research

campaign to find out what I don’t know about testing.

For Number 2, I’ve completed reading Cashtactics from beginning to end

once and will start reading it again. This time I want to take better

notes and have the material available for use. I sure wish the blog had

a sitemap though!

For Number one, If Ruck awards me with one of the prizes, I will invest

it in Hostgater, some selected domains and also in some tools to get

going and become a successful Internet Marketeer. If Ruck awards the

prizes to someone else, I will wish that person well and still continue

on my quest.

Thanks again Ruck for all your hard work.

February 1, 2008

Ruck, I don’t really have much of a success story to add or really that long of a post to give (well as of starting to type I Don’t think so) Anyway

What it is that i have gotten out a your blog is that there is many many means and tactics to making money on the internet.Not every tactic is for everyone .Its all about finding what you like to do and enjoy doing that thing ,that is what is going to make you the money.

When I first came in contact with you, was in the RJ forum, working it in MS You were the first and only person to have offered your help to me .You had me on YIM for over an hour for free offering you assistance to me for free and because of that i went on to bringing in over $800 in my first month on the net .

Every since that day and time I have been hooked making money online and to you and your Ideas , methods, tactics and all the info you have dished out all over the place .

When MS did us wrong LOL , I have been doing nothing but Buying into almost every BH tactic there was. Being not to fast at getting things going and set-up ,by the time I was ready the tactic was saturated all to hell .

Then finally came along CashTactics the long awaited and anticipated blog. This has been the best thing that has happened to me and the whole entire IM community .Its just a mater of time for the word to spread to the rest of them ,then you’ll be the talk of the net .You’ll be the one with 15,000 subscribers and everyone looking up to ya ,as some of the other blogs have.

For me Ruck It’s all about making new friends , having Fun and surrounding yourself with smart intelligent marketers and then the money will come . To me if it’s all about making money and and your having a hard time coming by it your get your nickers in a naught and get all frustrated then just give up.But if you have a Friend Like Ruck and the blog and forum to help ,thing should work them self out.

So what the hell am I thing to say ,Ruck yes most definitely your blog and forum has helped me enormously ,every word you type I read Might go in 1 eye and out the other but one day i know I’ll need that useful pieces of info that you so kind heartedly gave for free.

What I have learned it to quit worrying what everyone else is doing and stick to just all the basics and things will happen .Multiply what you know works and keep multiplying it.Tweak and test (dam man all this shit is starting to scare me) Can’t wait to start to make my first none BH dollar .This is the year for it To happen I can feel it.

Oh Shit Man Sorry for the long Rant ,Rave,Post I had know idea I could type this much hope it all make sense to ya . Remember it not all about the money. I just wanted to let you know how and what i though about You and your Blog and Forum that you have put together for everyone to benefit from for FREE.


February 1, 2008

I would say the biggest thing I learned here was not to Copy and Paste anything exactly but to try to put your own spin on it. At this point I have failed more then succeeded wit this but I also learned that that is the biggest part of the process. I don’t mind failing as I take it all in stride and know when I find that little twist on a technique that works it will be gold. I have learned a lot of other things but I think that is the biggest. Not so much different technique but more and more the mind set it takes to make it online.

February 1, 2008

Wow, great posts, and since a simple, “ditto”, probably wouldn’t win me the big prize…I suppose I will have to elaborate.

You see, I have been lurking about online since July 07, and my first purchase online was the RJ ebook. My first encounter with Ruck was in the RJ forum…and I must admit…he kinda scared me. Understand, I grew up in the 80’s, when computers were just starting to come around, and I lived the first half of my life not even knowing what a computer was. So this whole “online chat thing” was kinda scary.

Don’t get me wrong, I will pick up the phone and talk to anyone—it’s just something about the anonymity of the web that is intimidating to me.

So anyway, I followed Ruck to BHW…where again, I was to “scared” to come out of the shadows. When you haven’t really done anything online to talk about…it is hard to add quality to a conversation…and when the “Hey, great post, man!” gets ridiculed and bashed so heartily…it can make a person hesitant.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am no wilting wall flower, it is just that I lacked the computer knowledge that I needed to move forward. I have owned and managed rental property for the past nine years, I have been a Mortgage Broker for the past 14 years, and my husband and I have owned a sports bar for the past 4 years. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant…you know it is not for the faint of heart, and I don’t suppose I have to tell you how the mortgage business has been lately.

It was somewhere between RJ & BHW that Ruck’s mantra, “Take action” finally moved me forward. So it is not necessarily any particular thing that I learned from the Cash Tactic’s Blog or Forum that has been successful for me, or what I have made the most money at. But it reminded me of what I already knew…and that is that to be successful, you have to be willing to fail.

So thanks for the motivation, the tips, the in-depth responses, the dangling of the proverbial carrot, and the belief that I CAN DO IT! And most of all, thanks for creating a forum that I felt comfortable enough to start participating in.

In closing, I will quote one of my most recent favorite Ruckism’s that keeps me motivated to figure this online thing out. And that is the goal of an easier life. “In case you forgot, autopilot income is better than sex.” …you did say we could quote you on that!


February 1, 2008

Ruck, this blog has been a bit of a fire hose for me. I first started messing around with CB products a couple months ago and realized pretty quickly that following the Ebook things were putting me in competition with a lot of other people.

So I started experimenting with other ideas that just made sense to me and started having some success, but not really much to brag to the MS about.

About 2 months went by and I really didn’t do much more than sell stuff on Ebay. Kept looking for information online only to repeatedly run into a pitch page which for me meant dead end. Eventually, I did find some good blogs which eventually led me here (among some other great blogs, many of which are already on your blogroll.)

What have I learned?

1. For me, hands down, it’s been thought process. How you think about offers, about work ethic, about competition, about what’s possible and what it takes to get there. You’re personal story is inspirational, but so common to others who are truly successful. If I want to have what you have, then I have to think like you think.

1b. I got right on implementing a bunch of ideas that I already had been having, but just never tested…which brings me to number two.

2. TEST, TEST, TEST. In the past I would try something and if it didn’t work I would drop it and look for the next secret. I’m sure I could be far ahead of where I am now, had I kept pursuing some of the things I tried. I’ve now come back to some old ideas I had in the past and it ends up that they can be quite profitable if only I had asked the right questions in the first place.

3. I could list off all the specifics of the tactics that I have learned, but now I’m back to the fire hose. So my number 3 thing would be your ENTIRE FREAKING BLOG. Over the last two weeks I’ve read every post, every free report, every post you linked to, every thread you’ve referred to, and watched every one of your “videos”. What have I done with all of that info? Well, I’ll just say that I have done anything but implement and test for the last 3 weeks and I won’t be doing anything but implementing and testing for the next ??? weeks.

Result? Before Cash Tactics (3 weeks ago): $5/day outside of Ebay.

Today: $30 – $50 / day.

Again, nothing to brag about. You probably make that in about ohh…every 5 minutes on a bad day, but in my world every single dollar counts. Like a jet burns most of it’s fuel trying to get off the ground, the beginning is going to be the most difficult.

To sum it up. All the information is here. That’s no longer the secret. Action, testing, implementing, learning and thinking. As long as I’m healthy I know I can do all those things so it’s only a matter of time.

Thanks Ruck,

February 1, 2008

@ solvetheproblem – We have solved the problem! I saw 3 times the comment go thru but you got caught up in my askimet filter. No worries now though the comment is here and you should be set to go :)

February 1, 2008

What did i learn from the 10 days i knew your blog?
That no matter how hard i worked so far i must work even harder.
I started to feel comfortable with $100 per day and i started to forget my goal of $1000 a day and started to stop believing that its possible.
But when i read you blog all over it was like a slap to my face and a kick to my ass saying – WAKE UP MAN AND GET TO WORK!

What did i do so far?
Started to follow your 60 days to a list report.
Had a lot of tech problems on the way but yesterday its started moving. So far 5 people on the list.


February 1, 2008

Sorry for the multiple entries Ruck. I was using different browsers and could not tell from this side if it was received or not.

February 1, 2008

I guess I want to know why you are so benevolent by sharing these methods, why it doesn’t impact your own cash flow, and what’s in it for you to share this information? Sometimes I see, and this is rarely, that the methods are only half-way shown, such as the Torrent Method, even when we listen to the whole video like 4-5 times, and you admit that it violates your CPA service terms, yet you tell us that CPA companies visit your blog and we should be whitehatters. You also admit to previously having blackhat days, but yet that contradicts what you said about the CPA companies.

I’m not really knocking you. Just sayin’

February 1, 2008

I share them cuz I can. I might share a lot here but there’s also a lot I dont share. As for methods that violate, yea I might warn you to watch what your doing but I am not going to hold it back just because a few whitties think it is unethical. As far as contradiction goes it’s only contradictory in the sense that people would think I am going against what I have been saying. I am not, all I am saying each time is be careful practicing the black arts. Just because it will get you banned does not mean I would keep it from you.

February 1, 2008

What I’ve learned that is the most valuable:

What do you get when you combine a box of hamsters, a generator and 10 lbs of corn flakes?

Most people will come up with: electrocuted hamsterflakes or cornstershock.

What you really get is food for your hamsters that gets them running faster and makes them generate some electricity which you then charge someone else for.

In other words, put 2 and 2 together and FORCE it it equal 8.

Think outside the box.

What I’ve done with it:

I realized because of Ruck’s genius for taking two things that don’t seem to have anything to do with one another and combining them profitably (yahoo answers and cpa offers) that I was my own biggest enemy.

I kept expecting to run into the guru who would hand me the magic bullet; that I could just flip the switch and make the magic money machine hum to life.

Over the last several months I’ve inventoried my life, kicked my bad habits (the 12 pack a night that was sapping my energy) stopped giving the best of myself to my day job, created plans, started things even though I knew I was going to fail at first.

I’ve accepted that failure is a requirement to success.

I’ve accepted that work is a requirement to success.

I’ve accepted that thinking is the hardest work there is and that my “thinking muscles” have gotten really weak since I have a good paying job.

But most importantly, I get my ass out of bed at 4 a.m. every day now.


So that I give the best of MY time to ME. I have my most “awake” and “alive” hours for ME instead of diving out of bed 5 minutes before I have to go to the daily grind.

I made a list of reasons to be rich and read it every day.

I made a map of the steps I have to take to get where I want to go and I MAKE time every single day to do some of them.

Ruck buddy, you know my story cuz we’ve talked privately, I think it’s no overstatement because of my health problem to say that I owe you my life bro.

That’s what I’ve gotten out of Ruck’s blog.

If I win, donate the $100 to someone who needs it more than me and let me give a little lesson here if you don’t mind:

Be grateful for every day you have.

Or one day you’ll wake up in the hospital with your blood pressure at 240/140 and NEED a miracle to ever walk or talk again.

You can’t count on tomorrow.

Don’t waste today.


February 2, 2008

A little too late for the contest but wanted to take the opportunity to post a “thank you” post anyway. Because to be honest, I learn something new from almost every single post here. Might be something small some days, or just another way of looking at something, but always worth the read.

So thanks for that! Thanks for going the extra mile to give real and solid info and to help your readers learn the ways of the ninja! ;)

November 30, 2008

The end of one contest and the start of another.

I think these are a great combination as a lead generator, then being able to consistently pump out great content up the stickiness content and will give your blog a spurt of continuous growth.

It’s a great branding strategy too!