Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Why Make Money Bloggers Do Not Reveal Their Secrets

I think this really goes hand in hand on this very blog and other blogs I frequent. I see affiliates that are struggling and often disgruntled after a make money blogger goes out of their way to offer important advice, only to get hammered with 50 more questions and often times snarky, maybe even downright mean comments. In case you did not know their is a secret alliance among all of us where we do this secret handshake and then jabber on about how mean your comment was and how at the very sight of it we can tell you dont have what it takes to developing a winning attitude.

……………………………………………………….Just Joking.

There is no secret club, their is no handshake and I for one damn sure do not sit back and laugh when I get something a little offending or even mean written to me. In all actuality I always feel like I should have done more in the post. Had I been blogging here a year ago, I would not have had the same attitude. Back in my heavy spamming and blackhat days I would have most certainly provoked you thru the comments. I would have pissed you off to the point you thought you were going to burst. You know what though? That shit is lame, it makes everyone look completely stupid and damn sure does not help either or all parties reading to further businesses online.

Seeing comments like that leads me to believe that some affiliates and aspiring web entrepreneurs are still living in la la land. Put that f#cking ebook down for 5 minutes and hear me out.

First off there is no magic involved. Damn, I wish there was but their isnt. If you want to refer to at is at magic, then by all means do so but I am here to tell you that the magic is ENTIRELY consisted of work ethic, persistence and most important of all…………..testing.

A lot of the Make Money Bloggers I see out there are trying to make money with their blog. While I am not totally against this, I find it a conflict of interest when reading a make money blog that is only writing to monetize its readers. Another really big pet peeve is the ones that write about tactics or methods that they have no clue about or have not done themselves. This really pisses me off because they are only writing on speculation and not actual testing. We can consider this almost as bad as false information. The biggest of them all though is the make money bloggers who are still working a fulltime job. Granted their might be some bloggers out there that love their job but the majority of them portray online success AND still punch a time clock. *Uggh*

So Why Dont Make Money Bloggers Reveal Their Secrets?

I just covered most of it. Most of them are only blogging for dollars, or have not even performed the methods they are describing. However for the bloggers THAT are doing it big and working online fulltime I will come from a personal perspective and tell you why.

Quite simply it’s because even if I did, what good is it to you? Would you take action right away and copy me? If you did that still does not matter. Do you think if you copy me to a T you can make it a success? Even if you did make it this one thing a success, do you think you can replicate it into everything you go into? Can you replicate success and keep it going?

Even when I throw a great idea out there and or report something that is successful people will always want to know more. They have already perpetuated in their mind that I have left some inside secret out. Most of the time I do, want to know what it is? It’s called TESTING. Dont copy me and try to be successful, take the idea of what I am doing and do it better or at the very least tweak it and see what you come up with.

Bloggers who are making money online and doing it exclusively are going to repeat and repeat the basics of everything. SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, and Traffic ideas all fall into this. They know that for ANYONE to become successful at it they are going to take these basics and test them out. Thinking there is some hidden gem on the Internet is like leading the sheep to slaughter. You know your going to die (fail), you just dont know when. Keeping up with the latest news and reading what make money bloggers is good in every sense that you SHOULD take something away from the information you read, but what you do with it is totally going to rely on the education you have already got and your work ethic.  Thinking their are hidden secrets lying about and that you just have not found them yet is stupid and will keep you in the mindset of negativity until you realize that you already know and learn is only going to be successful if you try it on and test it yourself.

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January 30, 2008

amen to that man. When I first started out in this about a year ago, I was hard at work trying to decipher what people were doing and what the secret to their success was. It wasnt until I got with you and you gave me some “prodding” that I realised what you just said. There is no freakin secret to this. All you gotta do is take what is working for those before you and then tweak it. like for instance, when I first tried to cook my first ounce of coke to make some crizack, I lost about 1400 of potential profit because I tried to use a stove top instead of the microwave. This was a hard lesson to learn and it was because I wasnt following the steps laid out for me. The next time I followed things to the “T”, I was able to quadruple my earnings with one batch.

Once I found what worked for me, I started to use different methods to expand on the “basic” method to yield more product from the same base.

uh hm…”Back to the topic** I guess what Im trying to say is:

There is No Secret method (just time tested and proven ones that Ruck gives out here)

Once you get it to work, “tweak it” like Ruck always says (you will hit a nice little bunny trail that way)

Be persistent. (this is the biggest thing we need)

to quote the Ruckster…

“Failure is common, Persistence is not”…

January 30, 2008

“the magic is ENTIRELY consisted of work ethic, persistence and most important of all…………..testing.”

That`s the part I liked most from your post. Most of the time, the “gurus” sell their magic methods, where you can earn money on “auto-pilot”, without even knowing the product you are trying to sell. They say that PPC is easy, that your succes is granted with the magic technique that involves no tweaking, no testing, no work. There are great techniques that you can learn from e-books as a newbie. But after reading two of them, you read them all.

Thanks for sharing Ruck.

January 30, 2008

This is why I love this blog. No BS, just the facts.

January 30, 2008

I’m just starting to realize that it all comes down to this formula:

eyeballs * offers = $

$ * tweak = $+$


Eyeballs = (promise of solution to problems) * (# people at places where people with problems are surfing)


problems = (not enough sex, not enough security, not enough money, die less soon)


where people with problems are surfing = digg, youtube, stumble, wikipedia, google, torrent sites, porn sites, etc. etc. etc.


promise of solution to (problems) =


2 * eyeballs = 2 * $$$
2,000 * eyeballs = 2,000 * $$$





In other words, it’s simple.

find people with problems, solve them, a lot, rinse, repeat, refine

I love this business.

January 30, 2008

I think even if the big money-makers came out and said, “Do exactly this, this, and this” to make tons of money, 90% of the population would STILL sit on their asses and do nothing.

Better to try something out and fail at it than to never try at all.

Hell, even I’m starting to make a little bit of money…but I’m failing at stuff every day. It takes me about 9 failures to get 1 “AHA!”

January 30, 2008

Yea but you have great persistence Chris. After awhile those “aha’s” are going to add up to a very nice income :)

January 31, 2008

@ Chris: You are definitely right. Even in my posts I’ve said the same thing… do this, and I know 98% of you wont!

Sometimes even worse then jerk comments, is when you write (what you think was) a killer post… and you barely get any comments at all!

January 31, 2008

Great post Ruck !!!

Your turning into like, one of those cult leaders.
But in a good way.

Dude I wish you would have had this blog and forum doing a year ago ,when I started then i wouldn’t have wasted all that money ,but instead prolly would have made that money 9 fold.

Now this year is going to be another story.I have set realistic obtainable goals.That once I get thing in place and get the ball rolling, I should be able to quit my JOB in 4 years, if not sooner.

Thanks Ruck I owe it to YA

LMAO All hale the mighty RUCK


January 31, 2008

@ Zac – “Sometimes even worse then jerk comments, is when you write (what you think was) a killer post… and you barely get any comments at all!”

That is VERY frustrating indeed. It’s the worst feeling I get when blogging.

@GoKarter – I wish I had been blogging a year ago too. All those forum posts are just sitting in forums I am no longer a part of :(

January 31, 2008

Great Post and so true. I spent a lot of time reading forums looking for that magic. I guess the good thing was I didn’t have the money to spend on endless new tactics so that kept me grounded. It wasn’t until I stopped reading and started doing that any money came in. Now its just a matter of keeping a schedule which I usually do.

January 31, 2008

Ruck, can you say “come to jeezus!?”

I knew you could.

Persistence isn’t one of my strong suits and one (ex-) boss characterized me as a 90%-er. That is, I did 90 percent of a job and got tired of working on it. And, worst case- lol, I came to Internet Marketing with exactly the attitude you make fun of here… “I’ll just slap up some pages and make a bazillion dollars and it’ll be great!”

Now, I’m learning that while there are certain tasks I can do on “autopilot” I really have to attend to what I’m doing if I’m going to make it anywhere here.

Some tools make it easy; google adwords will adjust their ads to whatever’s on the page. Neverblue will put together a rotator that’ll wind up weighting the ads that get the higher CTRs. But the end story is, it’s all about me and my “100%er mentality.”

That’s why I haven’t put together a press release for one of my newest projects; I have to figure out what I’d consider a 100 percent “ready to go” site. It’s frustrating but I just want to release it and go on with my life!

January 31, 2008

Great post but I think that there is also the luck issue – lets say that when you begin in IM you fall on someone that wants to make money and sets you on the wrong path from the beginning.
Or lets say you got it right but you made some bad decisions in the beginning: bad niche, bad solution, bad traffic channel thats where most people give up.
I completely agree that after you succeed its easier to duplicate and continue with whats working, but a big question (even if you work on it 24/7) is when success hit you

And that my friends i believe is the factor of luck – but hey its not really up to us
So all we need to do is keep trying right? :)

January 31, 2008

So you’re saying all of you don’t wear black hoods and chant incantations for the super-aff initiation?

Tell them about the blood drinking Ruck, tell them!

November 23, 2008

Depends how you brand yourself.

I see myself as a blogger, but more a “business building” blogger than a “make money online” or “make money blogging” type of blogger.

Again, it links back to my post re: WSOs, that the difference is that I want to focus on long term income streams and on methods that work for the long haul, rather than some silly CPA or adsense trick that works for a couple of weeks, then abruptly dies, bringing your income with it.

Oh, and the secret is hard work, testing and keeping your eyes and ears open.

November 30, 2008

Long term income streams are always going to work because they’re not tricks or techniques but solid principles tested and refined over the centuries and are more reliable than all these fly-by-night techniques.

November 30, 2008

The other reason why some don’t reveal their earnings (aside from privacy and confidentiality) is that many are “theory” bloggers.

Sounds good on paper, but when it comes to reality, no dice!

In my opinion, People can make money with website or blogging, it is just matter of time. If they keep building and do an action, they will success one day. Building website simply create good content, doing SEO, link building, email marketing and build reputation. That’s All..

February 11, 2010

Great post, great tips Ruck. As a newbie let me ask you is it worth the time to start a blog for money making purposes? Can a blog really make enough money to quit your current job? And if yes is this every blogger goal is to make money, what happen to just blogging as a hobby?

July 25, 2010

Great post, very straightforward. I think blogging and the internet game has changed so much ever since the “make money” niche has gotten so popular.

October 15, 2010

that is why I love this blog. No BS, just the fact cheers :)