Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Questions Answered – Q & A Round 1

Deb asks: 1) For the ringtones redirect you discussed jammin do you use a meta refresh redirect or a different one?

Ruck: I have and do use a domain that is setup to redirect from within my hosting cPanel. I go to Addon Domains within hostgator and simply redirect there.

Deb asks:2) For the zip/email cpa offers if you use craigslist would you use an autoresponder vs using a redirect url?

Ruck: First off I dont use Craigslist. I cannot provide an answer but if I was going to I would try everything I could to get the people to email me and have them hit with an autoresponse. Only because I have used similar tactics elsewhere. Craigslist is funky and I dont have the time to try and keep up with finding out whats working and whats not.

Deb asks: 3)Why would people signup for the free weight loss cpa offer if they think you may send them one for free? Is it because they know they have a poor chance of winning?

Ruck:  Well, honestly I am kind of glad someone actually caught on to this because I left this out of the post on purpose. One of the biggest factors in successful marketing is playing on impulses and emotions. Sounds a little creepy right? That’s Marketing. In all honesty the reason why I do this is because that niche I used as an example plays on people hardcore. They already know they are signed up for a 60 day/ 6 month (whatever) contest to get a free bottle but being hit smack in the face with the offer and only paying $5.95 shipping RIGHT NOW can play a big part in targeted prospects emotions. Add the fact that the landing page is designed to do this very thing, emotions and the idea of getting something INSTANTLY for only shipping costs instead of waiting till the contest ends is a very effective weapon to put this method into profit very quickly.

Eric asks:  1. Nobody wants to give our their niches for obvious reasons, but what “high” level niches have you had a lot of success with, or recommend for someone just starting? For example, “online dating” or “Health/Fitness products”.

Ruck: “high level” I assume is competitive. I am involved in the Debt and Life Insurance niches but neither of these niche are used with PPC. I do 75%+ of it offline actually. Of course the service is online I use but it’s ran in offline classifieds, penny savers and hopefully within a couple of months I will have my first informercial put together. For someone just starting out I really dont recommend a competitive niche. That’s not to say you cannot become a success with it, just know that it will take time. Health has always been hit or miss with me. When it’s on though, it’s good. I go for health problems that people are likely to be embarrassed or dont want to be known they are experiencing it. These people tend to look online in their privacy for options, information and solutions.

Eric asks: 2. If there was something big you know now that you wish you knew when you started, what would it be? 

Ruck: That 99% of marketers writing ebooks to sell to other marketers are nothing but forum slime who copy other people’s ideas and steal the glory to make a penny. Had I known that when I started I would not have wasted a shitload of money

Carlos asks: About your ppc approach, do you use wordpress sites as landing sites in adwords?

Ruck: Good Question. I try to build everything out of WordPress. Since moving into the email and zip submits though and finding out about tools online I have found that I can actually move a little faster with just HTML mini sites. It really depends on the offer. WordPress can definitely be used as landing sites but if your iFraming many offers I prefer just to do an HTML site right quick.

Yebot asks:  Is it hard to be such a pimp?

 Ruck: I spit water out my nose on that Tongue out….Yes, it’s hard GD work (white men cant jump}


Mike asks: Last week you posted about your Azoogle earnings. You mentioned they were from sites that you do no work for since you designed them and did link building? Can you give me an example of such a site or describe what the site promotes?


Ruck: These are only Azoogle earnings from a website a partner and I own not total earnings. We didnt really do any link building on this site other than having articles written for us. The site promotes survey type offers and can be found on Paydotcom. Search the Money and Employment category and you will see it’s the #1 selling product in Paydotcom. A cheesy site in my opinion and as I have said before I dont really care to promote something like this but it benefited a lot of people at one time for us to do this so Greg and I took it upon ourselves to do the site. Still today after one year it makes over $500 a day on autopilot. Tallying the figures and posting a video last October it had done about $159,000 total. It did a little over $180,000 total profit last year.

Ron asks: 1.) If I want to market my sites using SEO on search engines to different countries, is it advisable to use the country’s domain names? (.ca, .fr, .uk)

Ruck: You know I always went with just straight .com’s if I could. I never had registered a .ca .fr or anything like that. I most generally try to do my promotions by direct linking outside of the US or just landing pages on a .com (Have no idea)

Ron asks: 2.) Besides changing a template, what is typically changed to remove the footprints from a script that has been overused?

Ruck: Getting whatever you got to a programmer and having them come up with something a little different and unique and NEVER sell it. I dont waste time trying to delete footprints off others’ scripts. I go and get my own.

Some great questions tonight. A majority of the questions were “what do you think of this” type questions that were specific in niches. I didnt want to reveal them publicly so I responded by email, so hopefully in some way or another everyone got answered.

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January 30, 2008


You have no idea how refreshing it is to see straight, no bullshit answers to real questions. You just became my favorite blog.

I’m so sick of reading about the “super” affiliates beating around the bush on what they do, how they think, etc etc.


January 30, 2008

I dido Eric’s comments

January 30, 2008

“I’m so sick of reading about the “super” affiliates beating around the bush on what they do, how they think, etc etc.”

Exactly why I try my best to put as much effort as possible into the blog. Sometimes it may not make sense and may be moving to slow or to fast but that’s how I think, and that’s what goes down on to speak.

January 30, 2008

Definitely. Ruck is the only straight to the point guy that I would reccomend to anybody. Its no wonder why the folks at Market Leverage even mentioned him by name.

BTW, Ruck where do you go to get your articles written?

January 30, 2008

Will you be posting more answers at a later date? I noticed this is Q & A 1 and just wanted to check since I didn’t get an email or see my question on the post. Thanks.

January 30, 2008

Thanks for the Q&A

And agree above to all the post on Ruck giving out no-bullshit stuff.

(i’ve been referring people here left and right.)

Because of this exact reason!

“Ruck: That 99% of marketers writing ebooks to sell to other marketers are nothing but forum slime who copy other people’s ideas and steal the glory to make a penny. Had I known that when I started I would not have wasted a shitload of money”

January 30, 2008

I try not to comment when I don’t have anything to say, so my chances of winning your contest are slim.

I think Deb’s question was right on. If I remember correctly, you didn’t have a specific landing page that sold that weight loss product but were sending the prospects to the landing page created by the company? Your “I rely on the emotions evoked by the landing page” read that way to me; it wasn’t a landing page that you had created. Is that right?

I think “Eric” was asking about “high level niches” not in terms of “highly competitive” but in terms of … not hoodia but weight loss. He was looking for “which volume of the encyclopedia do I start with” if I start with this Interent Marketing stuff.

January 30, 2008


I am a little confused on the autoresponder and feedburner.

On your offercrave website, you have a feedburner.
Are you adding your leads to an autoresponder also?

Second, Do you promote your CPA offers a little different the offercrave. I didn’t see an iframe in that site, just a standard creative.

Lastly, how are you getting ranked at all with offercrave. I am not understanding how a few sentences focused on 1 keywords per landing page can amount to good search engine ranking.
If you could explain this a little I would greatly appreciate it.


January 30, 2008

Hey, Ruck.

Thanks for answering my question (about wordpress sites in adwords) Just wanted to let you know that the link to my site doesn’t work.

Thank you, man!


January 30, 2008

Dont worry about OfferCrave, that website is merely shown to provide an example. I’m not going to explain how I promote OfferCrave because I already revealed the site and doing so would only cut my own throat.

As far as rankings go, my image, title, meta, tags, and content all have my keywords. If your familiar with SEO than you know it doesn’t take much to rank for obscure keywords with trickles of traffic. I simply exploit this with WordPress.

I have alread said that I use the All In One SEO Pack Plugin. Not much to it other than that.

January 31, 2008


Thanks for answering my questions. I honestly think there is no need to buy/read anything other than your blog (and to take action).

I hope this is right but I think you use meta refresh for cpa ofers when using classified ads, yahoo answers, myspace but redirects when using adwords and autoresponders. (BTW I was able to set up a non-double optin with aweber but I had to “talk” to live support online a few months ago and then they set it up where you can turn it off/on with each new list you create- it is only for the webforms they allow that).

PS I hope you’ll be releasing the mashup report you spoke of in Dec soon.


November 21, 2008

Have Round #2 published yet? I always enjoy reading Q&A posts

November 30, 2008

I enjoyed reading all the Q&A posts from Shoemoney, UberAffiliate, CDF networks and now CashTactics! WOW!

November 30, 2008

It IS hard being a pimp.

Maybe there is a solution on one of those “As seen on TV” things for “white man not being able to jump”!