Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Writing Email Broadcasts And Follow-Ups For Higher Delivery Rates

AweberIf there’s one thing I hate it would have to be Yahoo’s and AOL’s aggressive spam filters not letting my autoresponder broadcasts and follow-ups thru to my list members. With Aweber though there are some certain tweaks we can adjust (most importantly how we craft our emails) our messages to help ensure stronger and better email deliverable rates. Higher rates help ensure that our list members are at least getting our emails to view for themselves whether they will click thru and open them or not. That part is all about your Headline but let’s shift our focus to getting these emails to their inboxes first.

My autoresponder of choice is of course Aweber so if you dont have it then this may be slightly different for you. If however, you do and do not already know this, then I hope this helps.

After creating your broadcast and/or follow-up message to be sent out, there’s an option to check your Spam Assassin score. The higher the score the more likely your email is considered spam and this does pose quite a hindrance on how your email is or is not accepted by email clients. Yahoo and AOL are the worst of the worst in my opinion. It does not matter if your prospects are double optin, they are just bad.

I’ve created a sample here with headlines such as “work from home” and “make money online”. This will apply to almost any niche though. It is important in a niche such as this one or weightloss, debt, and/or insurance that you craft the emails to lower the score as much as possible.

Email Deliverability

At least Aweber is kind enough to give us some tips on how we can make our messages better to help get thru the filters:

Spam Assassin

Your Spam Assassin score is and can be influenced by:

  • The HTML in the body of your messages
  • Message Only – Text and HTML parts
  • How much of the message is HTML
  • HTML message only – Without any HTML Tag

This is one of the reasons why text based emails work so well for me. I can rewrite and craft my messages. Let’s face it, in the products you promote some of the messages available from Advertisers are not that well formed. As a matter of fact the best way to determine that is to create the message and just save it and checking over the score before queueing the message to be delivered. You may not know what parts are triggering the high spam score but you will get used to this. After a couple of times of editing your emails you will have a good indication of every niche your in on how to edit the messages so they have the best chance of being delivered to your list members’ inboxes.

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January 26, 2008

Ruck if you or anyone need any help on this I happen to be an email expert. I am referred to king of spam at work being how I managed, design and suggest ideas for managing our owner database of company emails for Starwood.

A great resource for what can and can’t be done can be found online at in their resource section.

It amazes me at the quality of code that these NETWORKS put out for publishers to grab.

Something needs to be done about this because the emails are such crappy invalid code that most novice email marketers will never get past even crappy email filters.

Well enough about that maybe one day network will wake up and stop accepting garbage code for emails.

January 26, 2008

My own personal experience, is that I can never get the spam score down when I use the html emails provided by the CPA’s. The text ones are so boring, but they seem to get delivered.

January 26, 2008

For me. posting a note with a LOT of WORDS in ALL CAPS seems to increase the SPAM score as well….so DON’T do it.

January 26, 2008

How do you go about building your mailing list? Is Aweber’s cost based on your mail list size so that when you’re just starting out with a list of 2, the cost is a lot lower than when you’re cooking along with a list of 200,000 ?

January 26, 2008

Every 10,000 leads Aweber will tack on another $9.95 a month. As far as building my mailing lists, just read the blog.

January 26, 2008

Hey Ruck, some easy questions for you or any other readers..

1. I’ve been sending out newsletters on Aweber for a few months now. I usually put them together in the HTML window and when i’m done just copy past into the test window as well and send it out as both…..but I’m wondering why I even do it. I only have a few friends that I actually know who are on the list and they all tell me that it always come through as HTML. Are there some people out there who are getting the text only or am I wasting my time sending it out as both?

2. Another easy one. Can I insert a link into a text email or do i have to rely on people copy pasting any URLs I put in there.


January 26, 2008

using http:// in your text would make the link clickable

January 26, 2008

Hey Ruck –
Any idea on how to ‘clean’ a list so that it can be imported into aweber? I have a list of 15k emails that are from users that opted into a list of mine that i have been collecting for the past year. However, since i never did much with them, so of the emails are ‘stale’ so aweber is dumping the entire batch. Ive tried several of the windows based email verifiers but all of them either dont work (they dont verify the address works, just the domain) or they actually send an email and get my ip flagged as spamming. There has to be a solution to this as I have every right under the CAN-SPAM laws to email these users, yet aweber is making this very difficult. Any advice?

January 27, 2008

Cyrus – to better answer your question…which is more suitable for the forum… but I will answer you here.

The reason for having 2 versions is simply because email applications give users a choice of choosing between HTML and TEXT only messages. This is kinda a legacy setting, nevertheless a lot of mobile users (blackberry) read your messages in TEXT only.

When you simply put the same version in both I am shocked this is even working for you because what happens the email sending software in this case aweber, is encoding both sets of copy HTML/TEXT into a multipart message.

Multipart – A content-type which allows email to include multiple kinds of content, such as text, HTML, and binary attachments.

The message has both versions and the USERS system chooses which to display.

It is important to include the Text Version if you are just sending HTML this also helps lower you spam score.

I hope that helps a bit more.

Ruck – I thought I would take this one, but if you have anything else to add please feel free.

November 5, 2008

Just yesterday I was having an issue with delivery rates with Aweber, so I called them up and talked to a customer support person who cleared the whole thing up for me. Apparently I had a random exclamation point in the HTML which was tripping Gmail’s spam filters.

November 28, 2008

I think I need to learn a lot about email marketing by experimenting on aweber.

Is there any other service which is better?

November 30, 2008

The bomb is having yr own hosted autoresponder though.

I would go with AutoResponsePlus3 (ARP3) when you get scale in your list, especially since aweber has been upping their price cos of the added “analytics”.

Plus the mass mkt autoresponders like getresponse, aweber have a lot of junky mailers using their services. (why do you think they cap at 10k addresses?)