Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Good Drama

Looks like shit is heating up. Copeac takes a stab on what we already discussed earlier. This industry is hilarious.


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January 26, 2008

Yeah I got this e-mail earlier as well. It’s interesting. I think CPA Empire pays 5%, although the referee has to make $500 each month for it to stick.

January 26, 2008


I will have to check that out cuz I would like to include them in the directory as well.

November 30, 2008

I think yr recruitment efforts should be divorced from your aff mktg efforts.

If you have to link the 2, then terms and conditions should be stated upfront.

The 2% – 5% payout is already a pittiance.
If you want to mess around like that, no one is going to do any recruitment.

Plus you will majorly PO existing affiliates.

A penny saved, a dollar lost IMHO.