Friday, January 25th, 2008

CashTactics February Contest

Ruckles is going to hand out some dolla bills yo at the end of February.

Here’s the contests. I dont try driving traffic to this blog. I hang out at some forums and comment other blogs for fun but dont really do anything for traffic. The Alexa hit 55K today (if anyone cares) and would love to get some more people reading the blog and joining the forum.

So here it is:

If CashTactics hits 400 RSS Subscribers by February 28th I will dish out

  • 1 $200 Cash Prize
  • 2 $100 Cash Prizes
  • 3 $50 Cash Prizes

Along with that I will also be doing a Top Commentators Contest:

  • First place gets $100
  • Second place gets $75
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th place get $50

That’s $875 up for grabs just for stopping by and maybe letting other people know about the blog.

RULES –> Dont f#ck with me. I want real people that really want to read what I write and WE talk about. Also dont spam me. As someone who was once gifted in the art of spamming, I would highly suggest using your best judgement when commenting. I will swiftly bring down the hammer on anyone that tries to screw that up.

Thanks, (HAHA) should be a great contest…..or contests!

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28 Responses

January 25, 2008

ha. he said “Ruckles”

Yebot’s comments +1

Is it true that all the people using Google Reader to subscribe to your blog only count as 1?

January 25, 2008

Hmm, must write something non-gratuitous.

OK here goes: I was examining the stats on my own blog earlier today and I noticed someone had found it by performing this linkdomain search on yahoo:

Was that you doing your research by any chance?

January 25, 2008

not to sound like a total chinnut, but what do or how do we get the readers up to 400? do we like link back to the blog and bring people here to read the blog and find out for themselves what they’ve been missing? (and theres a way you can track it?)

Im just not sure of how to go about this.

January 25, 2008

I just sent someone here before reading this post!

…and yeah how do you decide who gets the prizes? I understand for the comments but what about the subscribers?

January 25, 2008

Man, this should be a balls-out contest. So…if you hit 400 subscribers, who the heck gets the $200?

Please note…I put your link in my signature on that ‘other forum’ at about 4pm…BEFORE I heard about this contest. :-)

January 26, 2008

@ HugePedlar – I dunno, could have been :)

@ Mo – If your blogging, adding favorites to Technorati, bookmarking posts etc…the readers will come :)

@ Keith – Thank you for the referral

I am not asking people to go out of their way really. No need to put in sig links or anything like that. If your chatting with other marketers, blogging, bookmarking or what not and you seen a post here worth mentioning, by all means do that. If you dont want to that’s cool too.

I was just going to pick the names out of my subscriber count on Feedburner. I make a comfortable living and thought we might try to do something interesting for the blog and have a few people make some cash as well.

If anyone has any better ideas, by all means let’s post them. That’s really the reason why this post went up early.

January 26, 2008

OMG Ruck let the Spamming Begin.

J/K man great Idea

I knew I liked you for some reason I just couldn’t figure it out. LOL

There’s not to many people out there that would do this kind of things for it readers or subscribers to that man, Kudos to ya for going ya beyond the call of duty.


January 26, 2008

Just a suggestion…you should turn off all comments on all post older than 30 days or that are archived? Keep people honest.

CHRIS – your blog link is broken when i clicked your link in your name.

January 26, 2008

i have no doubt that we will hit the 400 mark. i was actually kind of hoping we didnt because then that means theres more competition out there thats going to be using what you give out here(is it wrong for me to think like this some times?). But then I have to slap myself and say “hey, just get over it dont be a douche, work harder and smarter, theres more than enough out there for everybody!”… =)

January 26, 2008


lets make it a a point based contest to be fair to all.
how about:

50 points to add cashtactics in the blog roll
50 points for writing a blog post about your contest/ blog
30 points to stumble ur blog once
30 points to favorite ur blog at technorati
10 points for commenting on each of your blog posts

Plus rest of the points to the number of visitors ( from different IP address) referred.

That’s 160 points plus the no of referrals plus the comments on ur posts.

January 26, 2008


That sounds a little too complicated and I dont have nearly enough time to keep up with it.

January 26, 2008

I am in! I’ll do my best to drive traffic to you. Lord know I could use the money :-)

January 26, 2008


Like I said, I dont want this turning into some big arguement or anything. If we hit 400 subscribers I’m giving money away. Simple as that. No doubt the Commentators will receive money.

I got another cool contest coming up as well.

January 27, 2008

LOL contest did someone say contest.

Gee I’ll be able to quite trying to market and try and win the contests .

Maybe I’ll have better luck at that .

J/K Ruck ,great job man can wait to hear about all the new things you got coming up for us here

January 27, 2008

This sounds like a great contest and best of luck in reaching your targets!

January 28, 2008

Sounds good. I’ll throw some traffic your way!

February 2, 2008

I was talking to my brother in Iraq earlier today, and ironically we were talking about making some extra cash when he gets back home in April. Of course I referred him here, as I will anyone else looking for nuggets of gold waiting to be mined.

No doubt the word is out as I swear just a few days ago you were only at 200 subscribers, so I see you having no problem hitting 400 by the end of the month.

February 2, 2008

its on like donkey kong >:I

February 2, 2008

im down like james brown!

February 3, 2008
Geese Howard

Funny thing – Someone wrote a post about the 4 hour work week by Timothy Ferriss on another forum. They wanted to know a good place to learn some stuff similar.

I suggested they check your site out – so far over the last night since I posted it I have had 2 people ask for the link and have directed them here.

Hey, I don’t know if you are familiar – I havent read it. Would you say that Timothy Ferriss is making money with the ideas described in his book ir is he making money by selling the book and other products or a little of both?

February 3, 2008

I read Tim’s book and it’s very good. He definitely makes money- he private labelled a brain type of vitamin and has hundreds of distributors- I think he does it all offline and uses direct mail etc. But he does have a few internet studies. The best part of the books is how to be more efficient when you work and how to focus on output rather than just buying/gathering information that isn’t implemented.


February 6, 2008
Geese Howard

Still sending ppl to your site. I dont know about your contest about comments of whatever but I know that I have sent about 8-10 people over here so far. I just had like 4 people today ask me about it – I didn’t post it publicly over on that site, but told ppl they would have to PM me for the info.

I want you to know that I did all this before I knew about any contest or that you were even driving for more subscribers to your site. I did it a a reply to someones topic on the issue of money like I mentioned in my above comment.

It’s like GOOD Karma to spread and share the love, you know what Im sayin. I found a site I trust so I figure – hey I can get other people who want to know about this stuff. The beauty for YOU, dear Ruck, not so much for me, is that these are the type of people who will – if they like what they see here – spread it to others FOR SURE. I wrote a small reply to one post and in 3 days already had 10 or so ppl – I may even go back and tell them to subscribe for fun.

February 6, 2008

Thank you Geese. It is very much appreciated bro.

February 10, 2008

Hey Ruck,
That’s great contest for non commentors like me! I rarely if ever comment on me a passive person but a contest like that surely is a great way to attract some comments and links!

November 30, 2008

Takes a spammer to catch a spammer eh?

RSS numbers can be flubbed though.
Maybe people showing actual results like the aff comms being generated in the current contest is the best metric of all?