Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Tips On Picking Out An Email Or Zip Submit CPL Offer

After 30+ comments and now dozen of emails over CPA Offers, Keyword Research and Landing Page Setup I thought I would take a crack and try to trim down the amount of incoming questions here in one shot. Let’s jump into looking exclusively at an email or zip submit offer from a CPA Network. We are not even going to worry about keywords right now but instead let’s focus entirely at looking at the offer before we even switch tabs or windows and start our market research. Chances are that if it does not somewhat appeal to you, you may not have success with it. This can spell D O O M from the get go.

After going thru TONS of offers you will come to find out that quite simply, some are a lot easier to profit from than others. This is really my main area of focus. While I COULD work on the offer and TRY to make it MORE profitable, I usually dont. I really dont have the time. So there are some things we can apply to ourselves and towards the offer before we ever start researching it.

Go to your account and choose and offer. Run your link in the browser and look at the landing page and what the offer is giving away. Now what I am about to say may seem downright cold-hearted. Chances are that if your not just the least bit *dirty* in your thinking then you will probably just earn peanuts in this type of business (if anything at all).

Lesson #1 – Who is this offer going to appeal to?

After identifying who the offer may appeal to you will definitely want to put yourself in this type of person’s mindset. We are looking for both strengths and weaknesses here. Not only that but we are looking for an impulsive behavior too. Impulsive behaviors are good, they trigger emotions that can lead to conversions. What are some good words that will tie OUR prospects to such an offer?

  • Desperate?
  • Emotional?
  • Egotistical?
  • Witty?

Those are all things we want to ask ourselves about the type of people our offer will appeal to. These types of emotions are weaknesses we can exploit. Sounds horrible right? Well quite honestly I am being brutally honest here and keeping this VERY whitehat for now. If you can exploit weaknesses in people’s emotions you can trigger responses that are likely to skyrocket your conversions. Simple as that.

After picking our your prospect’s emotions you now have become a lion in the grass waiting on its prey. We dont jump in and attack just yet though. We have only singled out a certain aspect of our prey and there are more options to consider if this is going to be our best choice.

Great, now we have identified the emotions of prospect, and we have identified their weaknesses so we can setup with an offer that will do the job of triggering a response which in the end could/would be the best chance of us getting a conversion. Now, we have to look at the group in a whole. Survey in your mind the entire market now. Ask yourself this:

Lesson #2 – Identifying the market as a whole.

  • Are these people internet smart?
  • Do they pay really close attention?
  • Have they already been hammered with offers?
  • Are the gullable?
  • Can they see deception clearly?
  • Are they a freebie seeker?

Now I am not telling you to be deceptive. I am merely telling you to ask yourself if they are likely to spot an offer and NOT fill it out based on them KNOWING it is an offer from someone who is going to get paid if they input their information. If your just starting out then I would suggest not getting into tech and Internet savvy markets until you get the art of CPL acquisition down. Targeting people who dont know that much about the Net and are really looking for a freebie.

Lesson #3 – Pick an honest offer.

This just goes without saying. You can test this yourself but I have found that the more believable the offer appears, the higher my conversions are. Quite simply, here’s an example:

A zip submit offering a $1,000 cash or an Email submit offering $100

An email offer giving away a cruise or a zip submit giving away $500 frequent flyer miles

Like I said, you can test this yourself. A lot of marketers think that a zip submit is GOING to convert better than an email submit everytime. These are normally the marketers I turn away from and put on my shitlist to never listen to again. Right then and there, I know from personal testing that this person has zero f#cking clue of what they are talking about. While they may be successful, the way they got it was from working WAY harder and following bad advice. I much prefer working less for more, and listening to good advice. Agreed?

Lesson #4 – Good leads or bad leads.

This does not necessarily tie into the offer itself but it is something that needs to be looked at from the start. You see in the world of CPA there is a shitload of scumbag advertisers. While every network I work with has sorted out every issue I have ever had, it goes without saying that some advertisers are just plain greedy shitbags. Everyone likes working over Google Trends and Yahoo Buzz and structuring campaigns over news events. Most generally they do this with little voting pages offering the offers incentive. I can tell you right now that this works EXTREMELY well. As a matter of fact, I have made over $1,000 within an hour over just one event recently.

The thing is that some Advertisers dont want their stuff promoted this way. Most of the time this is horrible lead quality. I like to think of it as a *double-back*. These are offers are ALL shit from the beginning anyway. Seriously, you put your zip code in and then have to complete two more offers before getting your chance at the prize anyway. It’s all spam, and it’s all shit. This advertiser has your email, so expect this crap in your inbox from here on out. That’s the law of the land. Advertising is a multi-billion dollar a year business on the Internet and it is not letting up anytime soon. Which leads me to my next point.

If an Advertiser ever does try holding out on you for lead quality, you better go to your Affiliate Manager and let them know that this advertiser has acquired the lead as stated. While they call this *bad* lead quality, it’s still a lead. If they like it then f#ck em. I have a ZERO tolerance policy over a-hole advertisers and networks. They get their lead, you get paid…simple as that.

Trying to find offers that will keep you AWAY from such problems though, is really the ultimate way to keep out of hot water like this.

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January 24, 2008


This is a great post that really goes in to a lot of detail that normally bloggers don’t go in to.

I am sure you already know this but some of your readers may not…

If you contact your Affiliate Manager and let them know what kind of offer you are looking for, they will give you the best offer. It will save you a lot of time of going through all of the offers and trying to figure out if they will convert or not.

Your Affiliate Manager will know what offer is working best for which niche you are working in.

Thanks Ruck for the awesome review this week. :)


January 24, 2008

That was one hell of an article. A slightly “cleaned up” version of the initial motivational speech that Ben Afflect does in “The Boiler Room”. Very Good stuff though…

January 25, 2008

Ahh thanks,

Love that flick.

January 25, 2008

Nice post! I just did this with my rep over at CPA Empire, Debby. I just gave him a shout and said,”give me your top-converting offer on XYZ.”…and he did…saving me at least an hour.

January 25, 2008

That’s what they are there for. Some people tend to freak out a bit. If you get a shitty AM, request another one. The better you do the more they make. If/when they forget that, get a new one.

January 25, 2008

I think this is the blog I check 4 times a day. I and I’m sure everyone appreciates your help.


January 25, 2008


I really like your blog, thanks for all the lucrative information.


January 25, 2008


Do you typically choose offers first and then find a medium to advertise them in, or do you find a medium first and then tailor an offer to them?

January 25, 2008

Ruck, thanks for another good post. Change your copyright date in the footer though. =)

January 25, 2008

Thanks Everyone.

@ Pdayguy9 – Typically I look for offers first. Probably my biggest ally is having all my networks funneled into a Gmail account so I can get alerts as new emails come in. I can then simply scan for something that looks enticing.

Also, its not spoken out loud really but some networks will let certain affiliates know about an offer before releasing it :)

Copyright is changed. Thanks for looking out :)

January 25, 2008

“Also, its not spoken out loud really but some networks will let certain affiliates know about an offer before releasing it :)”

This is very true. If you let your Affiliate Manager know exactly what type offers you are looking for, they can be proactive in finding those for you and letting you know once they are in the pipeline! That way you can get a jump start on them as soon as they go live or in some cases, you could be one of the few that get to test them prior to launch!

January 25, 2008

Exactamundo Mike!

Which is one of the top reasons I featured you guys (and gals). Kyle has been a great help and very patient as I start to switch over some of my stuff to start pushing more volume thru your network :)

February 7, 2008

Much appreciated Ruck!

November 30, 2008

@Mike Jenkins

Always great to see the boss at the affiliate network personally comment on a blog post.
Reflects the network’s attitude towards affiliates in my opinion.
Way to go!

January 6, 2010
C. O. Ksuker

Great stuff.