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Market Leverage Affiliate Network Review

I thought I would fire up a review since it seems the section has not been getting much attention lately. I thought I would go ahead and review the Affiliate Network Market Leverage. Now I am bringing this review to you completely unbiased. There’s not an affiliate link at all within this post (cuz I could not find one in the network). Even if I could have come up with one, it would not have made any difference. This is the part where I try to coax you thinking that the network is not that great and then I turn around and tell you how I cannot live with out them. Have you ever seen those types of review pages? Frankly, they make me sick and anyone who falls for that shit is stupid…yes, it does make you stupid…look it up.

I’ll come right out and say it. I am only a 10 day old affiliate with Market Leverage. Yup, I started on January 10th and frankly, I have not even begun to look over their offers. I would like to blame laziness (it’s so easy to fall back on) but the truth of the matter is I am uber swamped as of late and hopefully around February 1st, you will find out why. :)

Back to Market Leverage though.

Your probably asking why am I doing a review if I have been with them only 10 days and not had much time to look thru their network?

And I reply:

Market Leverage Earnings

See the stud in the picture? That’s Kyle my Affiliate Manager. Request him or die.

On a more serious note when I spoke with Kyle upon joining I made it a point to make him very aware I have been and will be super busy for at least another month. The guy came thru in an awesome way keeping me updated on his top offer picks and sending me emails and AIMS with what he thought might work for me. I have seriously put in less than 2 hours of work the last 10 days with Market Leverage. That includes landing pages, research and implementation.

Oh for all the freaks who preach about “ok what was your return on investment”, it was asskicking:


Now that we got the money and the fact that I am not trying to coax anyone in this review, let’s talk about Market Leverage and what they are all about. First thing I noticed when I logged in is that they have the pages optimized to show you the daily updates on campaigns and offers and a featured offers section for the weekend. If your like me then Saturday and Sunday is actually some of your better days. Not always, but I tend to get more *work* done these two days than in the week. Here’s a look at the daily and weekend hot offers:


Market Leverage has almost every offer you can think of. Dating, Ringtones, Biz Opps, Payday Loans, Cash Advance. You name and they got it. The site is very professional inside and the help has so far has been…phenomenal. They also have a ton of Cost per Sale offers as well. Just Friday Kyle left me a message on AIM asking if I was going to hit 2K this month. It looks like currently I probably will but with a couple more hours of looking their offers over and testing a few of them out, I probably will. :)

Affiliate Interaction?

One of the other things that caught my eye was up next to the account info button their was a *videos* button. Not knowing what it was, but predominantly curious over such things, I though I would go check it out. Market Leverage News Updates was a refreshing change of boring ass affiliate networks.

The Affiliate Managers get together and have their own little Market Leverage show. Ruck thought this might be corny at first but he’s come to actually love it now. They give their top picks on new and old offers running and they also throw out some statistics to give you a better idea of how the offers are converting. This is MUCH more than I can say for a lot of networks I work with. I am betting that in the coming month of February that I start to shift some serious affiliate focus towards Market Leverage. As a matter of fact I am, they just dont know it yet.

If you have not joined up with Market Leverage then you really need to try them out. Hit Kyle up and he’ll hook you up.

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January 21, 2008

Hey Ruck,

Great Review, but one question. Are you direct linking from Adwords to the offer or are you creating a landing page?

January 21, 2008

Hey guys! Thanks for the incredible compliments! :) It’s nice to get feedback from the affiliates I work with! I’m looking forward to expanding upon our existing business relationship by taking everything to the next level. Let’s make 2008 a year to remember!

January 21, 2008

Hey Kyle, I heard good things about your network, I chatted up with you guys in ASE in Miami last year. So, recently I decided to join, but got denied and was told there was not enough info, I replied asking what else you wanted from me, but never received an answer back. Who can I contact directly about this?

January 21, 2008

@Pdaguy9 — Grillin me? I wont go much into the offer I am running, but yes I am direct linking………so far :)

January 21, 2008

Always grillin you dude… and always will, because you know your stuff.

My personal goal for 2008 is to get to where you are now, so be ready!

January 21, 2008

BeerHat, contact me directly…

407-936-0927 – Kyle

January 21, 2008

Great review Ruck. Thanks.

January 21, 2008

I’ve ran about 5-6 offers so far Pdaguy9. I had one dud but that was my mistake. Kyle quickly messaged me that day and said to switch over the link and I still managed 1-2 sales from it.

I am in the process now of gearing up some up my lists for some broadcasts to end the month.

January 22, 2008

Great review. I love the interface over there.

July 1, 2008

Thanks for sharing about it. Will be joining up with them hence was reading reviews online for them.

July 30, 2008


I have joined market leverage and they said they will call me but i haven’t get any messages or calls from them. When you joined the site, have you ever been called by market leverage or they just contact you through email?

Thank you
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@ cipals – someone from ML will definitely be contacting you via phone. took them awhile, but my affiliate manager eventually called. They def have some great CPA offers like $32/lead jux for someone to fill out their info to get a loan, so check it out

October 23, 2009

Thanks for the review. I am going to check this one out.

August 6, 2010

After reading about this review, I did applied as a publisher to them like 2 weeks ago, but since then I never heard from them. I was expecting a call, but seems they are not bother to call.