Sunday, January 20th, 2008

Sniping Domain Variations For Your Adgroups

One of the best ways to get cheap but targeted traffic is to scoop up every domain variation and add it to your pay per click arsenal. This technique is nothing mind blowing but I thought I would go over it anyway and maybe spark some new ideas. I will use the ecards example from previous in correlation to relating to this material. You will still want to develop a keyword list and depending how exhaustive you want your options this can go on forever.

First let’s look at a keyword set:

ecards, birthday ecards, animated ecards

Now first off, let’s transform these into singular and plural -> ecard, ecards, birthday ecard, birthday ecards, animated ecard, animated ecards.

Right on, now we can move into domain sniping. This is sometimes a shot in the wind. However, you should not overlook this technique. You can do this manually (not suggested) or you can use a tool to greatly save time. I am not even going to throw an affiliate link at you. I believe in this tool so highly that I hope you will have a look at it. The tool is called SpeedPPCand it works wonders. For the technique I am about to write on, I am not aware of any other alternative to get domain variations at the SpeedPPC will return them.

Develop a keyword list and then take your most popular keywords (ones with lost of searches..most likely more competition) into a domain keyword list to target. It’s fairly easy and goes something like this:


These are just some examples. Using SpeedPPC you can come up with a TON of variations. This is a great way to get some dirt cheap traffic. If your wondering if people actually type that into a search engine, your obviously not earning a substantial amount of income with this method. It works and you should try it. Develop domain variations around your most popular or even all your keywords. I typically go after 3-5 keywords but have had campaigns go up to a dozen or more centered around this. You may not get a ton of traffic using this but it will help in qualifing some keywords for a little bit cheaper CPC.

Wait till tomorrow and I will show you how to leverage other websites that are related to your keywords and develop even more domain related keyword sets.

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