Friday, January 18th, 2008

Why Work From Home Is The Business To Get Into

I have had this feeling for awhile now that the Work From Home Market was actually one I wanted to get into. It wasn’t until early last year that I did this and I am glad I did. Just one site alone has yielded a partner and I damn near a quarter million dollars since February of last year. Here’s $159,646.27 of it (recorded in October) in case you missed it. Now personally, I don’t really care for such sites. It wasn’t until last month that I really been jumping in their and helping out a lot more. The thing is though, people are looking for the dream (which means no work) so someone has to sell the dream.

The way I see 2008 going is the year of content though. The more content you can provide free and helpful the more likely your business could very well explode in exponential growth this year. As prices (for almost everything) are going up, the American dollar is sucking as bad as a toilet ghoulie, and the real estate market is sinking into an utter pond of shit, people are flocking the Internet like never before. They want the comfort of their once comfortable incomes, and they are seeing ALL THE TIME that fortunes are being made online.

One corner of the market that I noticed starting to turn was Ebay. As shipping prices continue to rise and Ebay’s fees thrown in the mix I am seeing a ripple effect of more and more people turning away from Ebay and into other ventures such as Product Creation and Affiliate Marketing. I am not talking about people USING Ebay for affiliate marketing, I am talking about strictly Ebayer’s turning elsewhere.

Another thing I also took notice of was that I have much more success promoting lower cost items. Preferably, I rather just create my own short report and give it away with good recommendations to products or create the product myself and sell it for a ridiculously low price. As the economy continues on its downward spiral my conversion rates seem to go up with lower costs of products.

Who knows really as the Work From Home is not my strongest market but it’s little things like this that I keep noticing and structuring my lists and businesses around and it continues to increase my success. One thing to not get confused is the Work From Home and Internet Marketing markets. These are two completely separate entities and Internet Marketing takes much more work and savvy to make it a good business for yourself.

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January 18, 2008

Count me in that boat. My main business was fix & flip houses for several years but that has dried up where I live and probably won’t be profitable for a couple more years. I haven’t made enough money to just wait it out, so now I’ve been spending the last couple months learning about how money is getting made online.

Ruck, when you say low cost stuff what do you mean?

January 18, 2008

Selling $97 worth of information for $17-$27. Catering to economic developments, cutting your profit margin but establishing an authoritative presence.

January 18, 2008

‘Work from home’ is a good niche but it appears to be highly competitive. I often think to start one but get dissuaded by the fact that there are already well established sites in this niche. Do you think that a new website on this theme can become successful in 2008 and if so, can you elaborate a bit how?

January 18, 2008

I dont even have a website in this niche and I do just fine. I just build simple list pages and offer something free. It’s always worked and will always work.

January 18, 2008

First off as my first time commenting on your blog. Ruck, you’ve got some kick ass information here. Kudos for all the great free content you provide.

Second, I really believe there is still a ton of room to grow in the work from home market. People will always want an opportunity. No matter how shitty the economy. Logically you re selling people ideas, but emotionally you are selling dreams.

It works and always will.

Again, good post.

January 18, 2008

Your absolutely right. As fast as its growing there’s a better chance now (more than ever) to hop on the train.

Thank you for the compliment :)

January 18, 2008

“I just build simple list pages”

Perhaps a stupid question but what are list pages?

January 19, 2008

Hey Keith,

Here’s an example:

January 19, 2008

I love working at home compared to working outside the home. I set my own hours, most of the time and I get to do things I couldn’t do while I was slaving outside my home.

I have one internet marketing make money online site, but my hobby sites are the sites that make me the most money.

I have been working online since 2001 and would jump off a cliff if I had to go back to working a real day job.

Soon my wife will be retired and she is even going to take up an online business based on her hobbies. What a fun job to have.

January 19, 2008


This is an interesting post. How do you get people to your lead pages though? Do you use cpa or a specific form of traffic generation?


January 19, 2008

Go to the traffic building section of the blog. There are hundreds of ways to get traffic.

January 19, 2008

I agree on the price drop for most making money programs. However, I just recently increased my price to my product and my sales really increased. I was offering my product for $23 since 2000, and now I just increased it to $37. I do have to say my electronic book is in the health/beauty market and I don’t care what the economy is, people will still spend money to look good. I heard that the cosmetic companies were one of the few that did well during the great depression.

Also, I have virtually no competition since my book is the only one out there. I have seen copy cats come and go. As we all know marketing makes a big difference, I guess the ones who wanted to copy could not market or do SEO.

I think if you are offering something that is not readily available, and appeal to a certain niche, you can demand a higher price.

January 31, 2008

Thanks for sharing