Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Gaining Momentum For Your CPA Offers

 If you take the shotgun approach with CPA then chances are that your throwing more crap at the wall than I am when it comes to finding profitable offers. However, since taking this approach I have found that I am getting lifetime valued prospects. For this to exercise I am going to assume that you already have a profitable offer. If you dont then then thats ok, I’ll help you out. Remember to think outside the box and remember what not to look for in an offer. I am also going to assume that since you have this wildly popular and PROFITABLE offer then you have gone ahead and set up your landing site/pages. If not, then again remember to read tips on how to optimize your page for a better quality score and cpa offers, keyword research and landing page setup. By then you will be rocking and rolling.

So we want to structure ourselves a thematic site based around the offer. Let’s use the ecards example from previous shall we? We can take a look at what we want to rank for. For this example I want my home page to rank for Ecards. However I may want to target other keywords as well. Now I setup my landing sites and pages on WordPress because I have found that I can often get indexed and ranked for many obscure keywords. Knowing undisclosed details of over 50% of Google’s searches are unique, I never take the fact that since a keyword is NOT showing up in a search tool, does not mean it does not get searched or will get searched. Keep that little piece of advice on the backburner…it’s important.

There’s a truly vital plugin for WordPress that has made TONS of difference for me in regards to Search Rankings. This is also an important plugin in regards to Pay Per Click as well. It’s lowered my costs and boosted my quality scores around the board in ways that would have taken me forever had I been doing static HTML sites. So get the plugin here. The All In One SEO Pack Plugin is a crazy little plugin that will allow us to optimize each post or page (which should be our landings!) very easily. Here’s a quick look at how easy and fast it is to use the plugin to optimize a birthday ecards landing page (a wordpress post).

All In One Seo Pack Plugin

 So we’ve properly optimized the landing page with some good onpage seo techniques. This alone can get some longtail phrases ranked in the search engine as you move thru your list of keywords and keep on posting. The next part is actually getting links to these pages because that’s going to make the difference on how long you actually stay ranked. For this I will want to use some sort of quick social bookmarking tool. I am no longer a big fan of automated social bookmarking tools. More often than not, when your submitting your own posts your sort of looked at as a spammer. However, many people have different views and being the money grubber I am, I could give two shits. I’ve seen worse posted on the bookmarking sites and for this example *ecards* are a lot fun for everyone. In my eyes, no harm no foul. Keep on, keeping on with the social bookmarking. I also like the Sociable plugin for WordPress. It fits quite nicely below my posts (landing pages) and gives everyone else the chance to share among others as well. You definitely want an *Email This* link as well.

Newsletter – Quite simply, if you do not have one of these on EVERY site or page you do then your an idiot, moron, know-nothing marketer. If your in it to half ass it, have fun. I prefer lifetime value over the quick buck anytime I can get it. It doesn’t matter if I am promoting Ipods, gift cards or insurance. I have an optin box on every site/page I promote. No ifs, ands or butts. By the time the site/page is ready to be promoted I have an optin box. Normally I have gone with Aweber but I much prefer Feedburners automatic email update service. Just with displaying a feed count on one of my blogs that is used entirely for the methods outlined above, I have put up a private ad on one and turned down another. The private ad was an exclusive to one of my CPA Networks. Not bad heh? Getting a set amount each month AND promoting their offers. You know what happened after the exclusive ad? I got my payouts raised on EVERY offer I ran.

Feedburner is a godsend in my book. While you can configure Awebers Autoresponder service to deliver updates, I much prefer Feedburner for its simplicity. To burn a  feed and setup a newsletter code takes me all of about 3 minutes. Which is exactly what you need when your moving at the speed of light in testing offers. Just ask my designer Jeff if he is sick of designing neat little graphics for my little offer blogs newsletters. He did 3 in the last week alone. With Feedburner your blog posts are automatically emailed each time you post. So let’s do an example of how powerful this really can be.

Say we have an ecards blog. Tomorrow your going to blog 3 posts (landing pages). One post over birthday ecards, one post over animated ecards and the last post of Valentines Day ecards. Do you see what’s taking place here? After each post it will be delivered via email to your subscribers. They dont even have to visit your site at all. Just checking their email (which is the #1 thing people do online) they have 3 new posts to check out. We already know they are into ecards because they have opted in to your newsletter. Now we have 3 easy chances to find out the interest they have in which type of ecard they are into. Now the next day you may post about funny ecards, sexy ecards, naughty ecards. So on and so forth. The cool thing about this whole idea is that people dont have to visit your site at all. They can easily read the post in their email client and do the offer right there. Can we say power?

Let’s take this a step further because this is exactly what is happening to me ever since I started to promote my offers this way. When people get an email they like, what do they usually do? They forward the email to their friends. With using Feedburner I can have exact replicas of my posts going to people and having it shared among their friends who have zero clue about my site. Now they will

Forums – we can take this yet another step forward. Now that we are gaining subscribers and our subscribers are sharing us among their friends with our simple newsletter updates (which are our landing pages mind you), we may want to consider the idea that all these people will want a place to congregate and talk about ecards. What better way than to set up a forum and start posting about to your blog. Now our subscribers see that they have a place to go everyday and talk about ecards. I can tell you right now that they are going to invite their friends right off the bat. People like entering forums when they know they have someone in there they know.  Now as a marketer this works great in our favor. It builds our site brand, newsletter subscriber count, and viral marketing for our community. Structuring offers like this on this magnitude can bring ALOT of money in. Add the fact that people may want to advertise on your blog, thru your newsletter or on your forum and you have reoccurring commissions from outside your self-promotional efforts

Incentives – What is one thing that most people want more of? — Money!

Now by this point we would have Pay Per Click driving people to our landing pages (posts), properly SEO optimized posts/pages driving search traffic, an auto-sending email updater on every new piece of content we do, a forum where people can congregate and discuss ecards, what else is there to do?

Set yourself up a freebie site. If you can find incentivized offers on networks (which you can) then you can offer people things to sign up to your offers. Be sure to check the terms on the offers but you can send them gifts or cash for completion of the offers. You can run your own arbitrage freebie offer site. Now all your subscribers and forum members will see that they have a chance at some cool gifts (or even cash) just by signing up to these offers. If you were not going viral before (which you should be) you will now. Yet again we post on how people can sign up to the offers for the gifts/cash and they will make this work for us. Just by doing what you have been doing already, you will set up yet another viral campaign to bring in even more people to the site/blog, newsletter and forum.

There are many ways to retain traffic but I am using this as an example of how you can totally structure a high trafficked site/blog around using some of the easiest techniques on the planet. Starting a site or blog is a good start but it’s just not enough this days. Putting a forum and freebie site up is easy. There are tons of free forum software out there and there are freebie scripts as well. I hope this starts to open your eyes on what can be accomplished when you structure around something that people like and their is a way for you to monetize and build around. I have not even talked about offline promotion yet but I will in my next post.


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January 16, 2008

out of the park man. i always like how you integrate many avenues to totally dominate whatever niche we are targeting with our offers. great post again… now i got more work to do.

question: so you are not really using aweber anymore but have sub’d in the feed burner instead? do you still get their email info or is it stored on their system somewhere?

also, when you are posting about your various keywords, is there like a min/max post size? so that when the feed goes out to people, they may not want to read long posts or posts that are not big enough. what is your experience with this?

in the posts, do we need to concern ourselves with keyword density?

January 16, 2008

form your previous post you said you use others way to get traffic thats not ppc. Is that from a forum ?

January 16, 2008

Hey Mo,

I really hesitated sharing an example but I have done so with Check out the posts and how they are stuctured and view the source and look at the meta and keywords. That is generated from the plugin.

As far as Aweber goes I use it in a variety of ways and niches. However for this example and this niche I thought the blog updates were more appropriate because in a sense, they are all landing pages with creatives, bullet points and calls to actions.

Think of it as people who are interested in your blog being marketed too everyday, only they dont notice it.

January 16, 2008


I was going to buy bookmark demon, until I read this post. Are these tools not useful anymore?

Also–Do you just recommend using WordPress? I was wondering if you tried theblogsolution for any promotion? It looked interesting.


January 16, 2008

Tons of ways to get traffic, my focus here was to retain it. The best of getting traffic that I know is having something people will talk about. We will discuss even more ways to get traffic in the upcoming posts starting with offline adverts.

Bookmarking Demon may be useful. I dont know, I never needed to use it.

Never used blogsolution. Back in the autoblog days I used Autoblog by tim carter. For what I am doing here its going to be a little hard to do that especially when you got to go and get the offers from CPA networks.

January 16, 2008

What about keeping track of keywords that convert? I understand how to do it in general…and if you have a control of the sale page…I’ve done it with campaigns on Clickbank…but what about with campaigns at Never Blue Ads? Same process? Just contact the merchant?

January 16, 2008

thanks man. thats what i thought, i just wanted to clarify that with ya. good lookin out as usual man…

January 16, 2008


With Neverblue just message your AM and you should be able to have your own pixel placed.

January 17, 2008

Thanks for all these great posts. I gave you a Stumble.

January 18, 2008


My first go at wordpress. Here is my site

After I created the site, I pinged it. Am I on the right track here?

I realize this niche may suck, but I just wanted to experiment some.

January 18, 2008

This was a great post full of very useful information, especially for a new affiliate coming in the business.

I agree on the unique keywords. If you find a unique keyword you could get your site on the first or second page of Google fairly easily.

January 19, 2008


If you can keep up with fresh content staying in context with latino dating then yea, you could have a winner. Personally, I would have tagged the entire dating niche as a whole and built categories around it.

January 19, 2008

Thanks Ruck. I was thinking about that after I was almost done. I will do something a little more involved after looking at your examples.


January 19, 2008

Yea man absolutely,

Do a broad based one and cover categories. Once you have your categories setup, structure your posts (which are your landing pages) around your longtails.

January 19, 2008

Awesome thanks. I’m starting to get the hang of this. Have a great weekend. I will be at Greenbay Sunday, rooting on the Packers.

November 30, 2008

Agree with you on the simplicity Feedburner. I’ve been using it for a year and completely satisfy with it :)

November 30, 2008

I’ve just do a search on my blog and found this post related to Feedburner email subscription

Take a look if you’re new to this feature of Feedburner :)