Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

ASW 09′ networking FTW

In any business, networking is a key to success. When I went to Affiliate Summit West, I didn’t really go to speak with the merchants or networks. I didn’t even go to see the different speakers. Instead, I went for networking. I went to meet the blog owners of the blogs that I visit and to also meet the readers of the CashTactics(tm) blog.

Here is a list of the other blog owners that I met.

  • AdHustler – This guy is way kool.  I first met him at IanFernando’s IANteract Dinner. His blog has some gems in it I definitely suggest you check it out if your interested in learning how to “hustle ads”.  AdHustler is someone you should get to know, especially if your lost in the desert.  This boyscout knows his stuff.  :P
  • IanFernando – Ian’s all right… he’s really just a 5 ft. wanna-be ethug… Na I’m just playin’.  Ian’s pretty awesome!  On Sunday Ian hosted his IANteract Dinner sponsored by Paradigm Media.  I hung out with him a couple of times.  He is really knowledgable in different strategies for PPC marketing.  On tuesday Ian spoke about keyword blasting.  I didn’t have the opportunity to see him speak because I was heading off to the airport.  But if you get a chance to see the video’s from the summit I would recommend checking it out!
  • BennyTejeda – Benny is secretly a geek. The funniest thing is that he really isn’t an affiliate marketer.  Instead Benny trades forex. It’s funny when you see Benny tell people what he does.  They always ended up looking at him like he is crazy.  Benny knows a lot of the Jersey marketers so he basically goes to the conferences with them. Check out his blog for some tips on Forex.  I know I’m going to be hitting that resource.
  • JohnHasson – John is probably hands down one of the best programmers for PPC automation that I know.  I’ve spoken with him several times over AIM in the past.  Meeting him in person was great.  He definitely knows what he is doing when it comes Internet Marketing. Check out his blogs for some excellent tips and bits of code that you can use (if your a programer) to help automate your PPC campaigns.  John also spoke at ASW.  I sat in his presentation for a few minutes but then he got into programing with visual basics and that was way over my head.  I’m not a programer so I left with a few others.  Check out his Keyword Grouper tool.  I’m currently testing it out.  From what I can tell it does a really great job of tightly grouping your keywords.
  • ShoeMoney – Shoemoney I met at the Copeac party.  To be honest with you he is a really nice guy.  Down to earth and open to talk to anyone that says hi.
  • Convert2Media – Those guys over at Convert2Media know their stuff!  They are all great people and more than happy to help you at when you need it! Check out the C2M Blog for some of the best marketing information on the Internet.  I have about 25 c2m shirts that I am going to be sending out as soon as I get my CashTactics(tm) shirts re-printed. They will also be sending me over another box load in the next couple of days.
  • Prosper202 – Andrew and I had the opportunity to meet up and be interviewed by the Prosper202 team. Wes is a really great guy and an excellent programmer.  If you aren’t tracking your PPC campaigns you want to grab Prosper202 asap. Tracking is the only way that you are going to become really profitable. P202 is no joke and the guys behind the software are outstanding!
  • Yebot – I have known Yebot for about a year or so.  We have been in a mastermind group with Ruck from Convert2Media.  His blog is definitely an interesting one… Yebot is an excellent coder.  He is also the guy that made the CT-Rotator that is in the Reports section of the blog. Thank you Yebot for letting Andrew and I room with you!
  • Barman – Have you ever read
  • WhoIsAndrewWee – If you ever want to hear an interview of some random marketer, chances are Andrew has done the interview for you. Every Friday Andrew publishes a podcast featuring an Interview from someone in the Industry. Check out his blog its definitely worth listening to!
  • NeilsWeb – Neils blog is full of facebook marketing tips.  If I remember right, Neil has only been into IM for around a year. Even though he hasn’t been in marketing for too long he definitely knows where its at when it comes to Facebook.
  • Bryn – Bryn is really down to earth.  This guy also knows his stuff very well.  He is the epitome of young and successful.  I definitely look forward to hanging out with him at other marketing events.
  • WayneDog – Wayne is a great guy as well.  I met him at the IANteract Dinner.  We spoke a bit about joint ventures, more specifically how Andrew and I handle working a business together.  There is nothing on his blog right now… But when he begins to write, I’m sure it will be good!

I met a lot of other people in the Internet Marketing and Affiliate world.  It was a pleasure meeting all of you.  Networking is definitely a big plus.  I recommend you goto an affiliate summit or any other type of conference in this line of business.  Check out your local meetup groups to get a head start in your networking adventures.

Andrew is going to be posting in the next couple of days his point of view on the conference.  I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures posted… I didn’t take any… But check out those blogs that I mentioned above and I’m sure you will see some pics!

If I missed your blog or a shout out please forgive me.  Just post a comment and I’ll add you!

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January 15, 2009

That was an amazing list of people you met specially shoemoney. I wanna join conferences but we don’t have any in our country.

January 15, 2009

Thanks for the plug man. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you as well.

January 15, 2009

Good stuff man, was a pleasure partying with ya! See you in ASE.

January 15, 2009

Hey Kris, it was great to meet you and hear some details about your joint venture since those are something I am trying to do more and more of myself lately. Keep in touch and let me know how that all works out.

January 15, 2009

Good to see you at ASW- I think I ran into you the most out of anyone there! Glad you had fun, hopefully you can make it to a MarketLeverage event next time!

January 16, 2009

What’s up Kris!!! lol thanks for the holler. Great seeing you at ASW. You better come to ASE! Dude send me your AIM threw my email. thanks

January 18, 2009

o you didnt know I am the gutter child in marketing bra! lol great times – thanks for attending the dinner! good thing we had the place to ourselves and the partying was damn too good

January 20, 2009

Oh, busted! Now I know why you weren’t at our dinner! You were hanging out with Ian! Ouch!!! Just kidding, hope you guys had fun. We’ll have to coordinate our dinner schedules a bit better next time. :)

January 20, 2009

lol pwned
Yeah next time don’t tell me the night of the dinner. HAHA