Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Thanks Affiliate Unleashed

Ruckles got him a new t-shirt in the mail today. Affiliate Unleashed comes from Jonathan Volk and is aimed at helping Pay Per Click Marketers. The purpose of Affiliate Unleashed is to help struggling affiliates *unleash* their true potential and help skyrocket their business. Currently it’s in prelaunch but Jonathan has been kind enough to allow people to optin for upcoming updates and contests. Some of these prizes include, (10) free VIP passes for 1 month, (10) Affiliate Unleashed T-Shirts, (5) coupons to receive 50% off, and much more!  So be sure to check em out!

Affiliate Unleashed

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5 Responses

January 9, 2008

That shirt looks good on you! ;)

~Jonathan Volk

November 1, 2008

Awesome! Looks nice and fit for you

November 1, 2008

Jonathan send me one too! :P

April 15, 2009

why is the AffiliateUnleashed.com off?

it doesn’t work anymore?