Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Reader Appreciation – Thank You Very Much

Hmm,  I’ll try to spread the butter lightly here

It’s very common for people to ask me (daily) why I write so much. Quite frankly, my businesses are organized and allow me the leisure time to do so. The best thing in the world for me is to receive comments here. Sure I like a nice email, pm or Im, but I really like the public comments most of all. I keep this blog as basic as I can which is why you don’t see me trying to push anything onto anyone. This blog’s income is not even worth talking about…(ok maybe to some) but not in my eyes. The only things I ever promote on here are things I use personally and recommend or companies I am associated with and making money with. There is NO affiliate program within this blog with a product that I don’t use.

With that being said I just wanted to let you know (as readers and marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs) that I truly appreciate the social interaction you give on this blog.

Now start referring people and leave me a comment  …………………..J/K

Thanks Everyone.

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8 Responses

January 8, 2008

man, you are appreciated as well. i for one (and i know there are many of us that feel the same way) I am very thankful that I found you and that ive been able to follow along with you on your journey. by following you and being a strict ‘CT’ guy, I have upped my game big time and will this year break all records and any subconscience doubts that may have caused my to faulter last year.
I thank you for being you and providing us noobs with the place where we can come and get down and dirty with the ruckster and all the other peeps on hea.

January 8, 2008

Thank you so much for the info you share Ruck. I love the fact your blog isn’t just a bunch photo’s of what you did for the week like a lot other IM blogs.

January 8, 2008

Thanks for everything man. I look forward to reading your next report.

Congrats on the baby coming..

January 8, 2008

Thank You, few people go out of their way to help like you do. Keep rocking

January 8, 2008

Ruck, you are hands down the most giving internet marketer out there.

I want to thank you for clearing my head and making me think about 100 times in the last six months.

But I’ve noticed you’re missing from AIM for about the last 2 weeks.

Are you overwhelmed? Mad at me/us? Just not online?

Let us know if we’re bugging you bro. We know how to shut up as well as how to pester.


January 8, 2008


I just been hammered since I got back from Florida, I’ll try to stay signed in more.

January 8, 2008

Greetings Ruck,

Just wanted to say you have an excellent blog, and I find myself checking it at least twice a day.. (oftentimes at work too!) I’ve especially found your blogs on keyword research to be very helpful.

However, being a relative noob, I’m having difficulty determining which keyword tool is most reliable.. I’ve used gtrends, adword keyword tool, wordze, wordtracker, etc. but they all tend to have differing results.. For example, Wordtracker and Wordze will show a keyword with 2,000 searches per day while adwords keyword tool will show a bar with low number of searches for that same term. Gtrends may show that same keyword has only 30 searches per day for the #1 position on google. Even if the keywords have low competition and is a “buying” term, I feel stuck at the research step because I’m not sure which tool to trust. Is setting up a ppc campaign for that keyword the best way to determine reliability?

Whew, thanks a million for letting me rant and ask a question! Ruck Rules!