Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Get $20 In Free Clicks With Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of those 2nd tier search engines that you can advertise on a little bit cheaper than Adwords, Yahoo and MSN. Right now you can get a free $20 in clicks by signing up for a new account with them. I thought since I spoke recently on Google Placement Targeting this might be a great chance for you to get your feet wet WITHOUT spending ANY money.

Bidvertiser is a little bit different than most PPC Engines. As a matter of fact you as an advertiser have ALOT more control as to where you want your ads to appear. They obviously know about SEO Optimization as well because they have been in the top 5 Search Results for the term "make money online" for as long as I can remember. Bidvertiser also has an extremely six step process to get up and running with them in no time.

1. Browse our categorized directory of websites
2. Select the appropriate sites for your business
3. Set your desired geographic targeting
4. Create your text-ad
5. Set budget and capping
6. Your ad is up and running

My personal experiences with Bidvertiser have only been with Arbitrage. Yea, I made money but it wasn’t that much and I stopped before I even got completely rolling with it. When I switched to CPA and PPC on the Big 3 Engines I pretty much left the arbitrage world. However, I know that some of the readers here may find this helpful as it is indeed $20 worth of clicks just to try it out.

Bidvertiser is a subsidiary of Bpath, established in 1997 as an international services provider for websites. Bpath’s approach to business is to develop and offer private label website functions for leading web hosting and domain registration providers. With more than half a million webmasters in its network (over 80% of whom are small business concerns), Bpath offers international solutions that may fit the small business model in the United States.

Bidvertiser is called an “onsite bid-per-click” option that is a “3rd generation bidding-based marketplace connecting web publishers with advertisers.” As such, its main concentration is on linking together advertisers who wish to become involved in partnerships, affiliateships, or referral-type programs.

Check it out and keep me updated on how it goes.


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